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New to PA - Son just diagnosed

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By clees on Thu, 03-22-12, 15:32

Hello Everyone, my 22 month old son was just diagnosed with a peanut allergy due to a reaction/ER visit (hives, facial swelling, tugging on his lips and yelling "my mouth") and subsequent positive blood test. Pediatrician told us that his blood test categorized him as a Class 4 peanut allergy (hope I'm getting the terminology correct) and prescribed an Epipen.

My husband and I are completely new to the world of food allergies, and I was hoping you could help answer I few questions/provide us with advice. Do you recommend seeing an allergist versus just his regular pediatrician? If he has never had a reaction to other foods, would you recommend getting a scratch test for any other potential food allergies. He does have eczema.

Also, the doctor said to avoid peanuts and tree nuts. The thing is, he has had almond butter dozens of times without a reaction. He tried a tiny bite of peanut butter and instantly started reacting. Would you all recommend that we avoid almond products as well?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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By sjfrank88 on Mon, 04-30-12, 20:05

For now yes, the allergist told us since he is young other nuts might creep in eventually. Hopefully not, My son has had many nuts before peanut butter and never had a reaction. But were playing it safe and will have him retested for all nuts again for a few years.

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By AmyL on Wed, 05-02-12, 23:05

Visiting a pediatric allergist was a good experience for us. My son only has a peanut allergy, but we avoid tree nuts also. Our allergist said that there is a higher risk of cross contamination between peanuts and other tree nuts, and to be safe assume all nuts have been in contact with a peanut at some time.

It's overwhelming at first, but gets better with time. My son just turned two, and was diagnosed just after his first birthday.

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