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New blood test came back really bad:(

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By Kat_330 on Tue, 03-13-12, 15:40

I have an important question, My daughter was diagnosed in Jan 2009 with a peanut/tree nut allergy her blood rast test for peanut was 11.5 I believe and we just got the results back from the test 2 weeks ago and her blood test went up to 100+. First question Is this possible? We were really hoping it would go down:( Gabby just turned 2 in December. Thanks!

Her tree nut reactions were all a lot less than expected:) all were between 0.90-2.0 but she's got a Dog dander allergy of 100+ and a cat allergy of 11.5 and SOY of 2.0 Any advise for the dog, cat, and soy?? we do have a dog and a cat too:(

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By peanutskill on Wed, 04-11-12, 05:18

stock up on benedryl and vaccuum vaccuum vaccuum if you plan on keeping the animals. I dont know what to think of the test. I know my daughter tested low once, then tested greater than 100 a couple of times. In October she almost died from an exposure and was in the hospital on a ventilator.....shortly after getting out of the hospital, the allergist was testing her pulmonary function and decided maybe we should test again and somehow her peanut rast was 0. He was totally flabberghasted at the result so he ordered another one 1 month later and it was 47. so I suppose we will be getting her tested again. all the allergist could say was either lab error or her body is all out of whack from the anaphylaxis

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