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My PA daughter almost given atrovent in ER

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By jessicaNJpa on Sat, 02-26-11, 20:12

My 3 year old daughter (severe PA) was in the ER the other night for asthma exacerbation during a cold.
The nurse came in and said she was doing a breathing treatment (via nebulizer) and started to open the med container. Thinking it was maybe Albuterol and budesonide I asked "is that just albuterol?" and she said "No, it's albuterol and atrovent."
She was going to put it in there without even TELLING me. I said "isn't that the one peanut allergy patients can't have?????"
She agreed and did just the albuterol. Basically according to her it's the computer's job to alert the nurse to allergy connections like that when they want to administer a med. She said she was going to ask me if there were allergies before administering it but, seriously she was already about to dump it into the neb chamber!

1)no thanks for relying SOLELY on the computer to keep my daughter safe!
2) I heard somewhere that only atrovent in an inhaler (MDI) is contraindicated for PA patients... anyone know more about this?
3)are there other meds I should be wary of?

Thanks for any info/links, i'm relatively new at all this. I do see from a quick search of PA.com that this is a very common occurence!

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By chelle.tovar on Sun, 02-27-11, 14:39

Whoa! I had no idea about this! That's why I love this website! Thank you for the heads up and I completely agree that a trained professional should not be relying solely on a COMPUTER to ask necessary questions.

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By jessicaNJpa on Sun, 02-27-11, 21:42

talked to a pharmacist about it today. He didn't seem sure about the inhaler vs. nebulizer but said there's no reason I cant just add atrovent to her allergy list. even if some versions would be OK it's better to have too much on your allergy list than too few, i guess

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By dmand321 on Fri, 02-03-12, 01:28

i just saw your post today but right now...only the Atrovent and Combivent (combo of Atrovent and Albuterol) MDIs are contraindicated for PA patients...but Atrovent solutions for nebulizers are okay according to pharmacists and all the research online if you don't already know.

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By stratmom on Wed, 04-04-12, 16:51

Wait. I need to understand this correctly. My PA teenage daughter has exercise-induced asthma and has been successfully using Atrovent for over a year. Are you saying that Atrovent alone is OK, but in combination with Albuterol it's not good for PA people?

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