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Just Diagnosed... Have a few questions.

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By Momto Abby on Thu, 04-19-12, 20:09

My 14 month old DD was dianosed with PA earlier this week. We are obviously taking all the necessary precautions however let me go back a few weeks.

DD had several bouts of Bronchitis early in the year which weakend her lungs. She was never able to get 100 % better before she got another virus/infection. When spring time allergies arrived she had issues with tightening in her chest and breathing because her lungs never fully recovered from the bronchitis. So she was prescribed to do 2 breathing treatments per day and an oral allergy pill. This helped A LOT! Fast forward 4 weeks and we ran out of her breathing treatment meds on a Monday. The pharmacy would not refill it until Saturday. (Still with me?) On wednesday she had peanut butter for the first time int he form of a cracker. She threw up immediately and then seemed ok. an hour later she started to cough and then the wheezing started. Her Pedi advised we go to Childrens Hospital given her history. At ER, she was given a breathing treatment (same stuff we were prescribed) and that helped 100%. She had no rash, no swelling and the whole episode was eerily similar to previous breathing issues caused by spring time allergies. ER Dr. pretty much said they could not rule out PA but the whole incident could also be because she was off her meds for several days and she should be tested in a few weeks.
After talking to her Pedi, she sugested to have her tested 5 days after the whole peanut incident.

Her blood draw test came back high is what i was told. I was very shocked to hear this because something was telling me it was not PA.

I won't be taking any chances however, i am secretly wondering if this is accurate or a false positive. Could she have been tested too early? Any info on this is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading, it was so long!

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