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Hostess' new nut allergy warnings

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By nutallergiesstink on Wed, 09-22-10, 16:07

I spoke with a Hostess rep this morning and voiced my concern regarding the new nut allergy warnings on all their products. She stated that regardless if the product is produced in a facility with other nuts, the warning will be on the box. She said that the consumer could call with the product number off each box, and I told her that I doubt most people would do that, rather I would just stop buying their product.
I stated my sadness because the cupcakes have been a staple of ours for the last 10 years in school, for parties, etc. I also stated that if the company just searched "Hostess nut allergy warnings" on the internet, they would see the frustration from other parents.
I am urging anyone interested to calling and file a formal statement, as I did. She said that someone would be calling me, and I hope they do, as I really want them to understand the consequences of this blanket warning for our kids. I guess I'll be replacing the boxes of cupcakes in my son's classroom with Divvies cookies.
The number to Hostess is (800)483-7253.
Thank you!

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By nmainmom on Wed, 09-22-10, 22:25

Thanks for your opinion! I too noticed the hostess labels! At the start of this school year my daughter's teacher asked me for a list of snacks that my daughter chould eat. (as in peanut/nut free) Hostess was #1 on that list. I had to email the teacher and tell her to take hostess off the list. The school won't allow that snack in her classroom now because of the warning on the lable. I WILL call Hostess tomorrow! (I too will need to replace that snack with something else at school.)

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By zeena2 on Wed, 09-22-10, 22:50

Is it a tree nut warning or peanut warning on the box. I haven't bought hostess recently to see what the warnings are now. My daughter has a peanut allergy, but she isn't allergic to any other nuts.

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By nmainmom on Thu, 09-23-10, 02:15

It is a tree nut warning. Walnut and pecans. My daughter is in one of three Peanut & Tree Nut free classrooms.

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By cervonil on Thu, 09-23-10, 08:13

I had an issue with this as well, it doesn't make any sense. The first time I called they told me 3 plants that were peanut/tree nut free. Then when I saw that tree nut warning with that plant number they told me that is just a warning, but they insisted there was no tree nuts or peanuts in that plant. How confusing!!!! I told them that was ridiculous and that I would not be able to buy their product anymore because of it. SO dissapointed with them!

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By zeena2 on Thu, 09-23-10, 11:26

Wow - why would they put a warning on their product and then tell people to disregard it?

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By Jake JJ on Fri, 09-24-10, 03:27

Gee, you're upset because your kids can't eat some manufactured corporate crap that they should have never eaten to begin with? And you claim to care about them? Do you realize how utterly ridiculous you are, complaining that the manufacturer of Twinkies is putting peanuts in them and therefore denying them to your precious spawn?

Sheesh, you should be rejoicing, rather than protesting. How fat are you girls, anyway?

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By Kylies Yammaw on Fri, 09-24-10, 15:15

If you put all of us together we wouldn't be a fat as your MOUTH! Please go away!

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By cmvervais on Fri, 09-24-10, 21:20

I ran into a problem with another Hostess product this week. In my area, Wonderbread is produced in a nut-free facility as long as it is marked bakery 75. I was a little lax in my label reading when I picked up our last loaf, and it was marked "575." My daughter has had mystery hives off and on this week, so I went back through our food to check. I called, and it turns out that bakery 575 doesn't even exist! They have no idea where the bread came from! Bakery 57 uses nuts, so I'm guessing it came from there. We threw it out and are getting some coupons from the company, but it definitely makes me nervous buying their products if they can't even identify where the product was manufactured.

I'll keep buying from the bakery 75 unless we run into another problem, but good reminder to ALWAYS check labels.

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By Jake JJ on Sat, 09-25-10, 00:05

"I ran into a problem with another Hostess product this week. In my area, Wonderbread is produced in a nut-free facility as long as it is marked bakery 75"

Wonderbread? You aren't feeding that junk to your children, are you? What kind of obese monster are you?

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By cmvervais on Sat, 09-25-10, 03:04

I think the better question, Mr. Jake JJ (and all your other aliases), is why you spend countless hours of your life trying to find people to insult on the internet. You're either 10 years old, or in serious need of therapy. Either way, this is not the place for you.

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By Jake JJ on Sat, 09-25-10, 17:19

You people are hysterical. Not as in funny, but as in crazy. Yeah, there are people who are allergic to peanuts, but you've gone way, way too far with your crusades. Especially seeing as how so many of you are Twinkie gobbling fatties.


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By stinkypeanuts on Thu, 11-11-10, 19:10

I have never blogged before.
I have never blogged before. I was simply googling whether or not Hostess products were safe and was led to this website. I will only respond to "Jake JJ" once as he clearly is one of those miserable people who have nothing better to do with their time than to try to upset others so it is best to probably ignore him, no matter how aggravating he is. But first, you need your facts straight.

FACT: My friend's 21 year old brother DIED in a restaraunt with a first time tree nut allergy- gone, even before EMS arrived!

FACT: Boy in local school gets sent to ER twice with difficulty breathing/ start of anaphylaxis b/c girl sitting next to him rubs peanut on his hands/arms.(School does not offer a peanut-free table)

FACT: Parents of kids with food allergies are not on a crusade- we just want our children safe. Depending on the severity of the allergy, bringing certain foods into the classroom is no different than someone showing up with a loaded gun and randomly firing away. My son is on peanut/tree nut free class. Almonds and peanut butter crackers were brought in twice as morning snacks. Scary part is that his fellow classmates (5 year olds) were the ones who noticed the smell of peanut butter and reported to teacher.

FACT: Read the Legal Terms of this website as it states that material that does not pertain to the designated topic is prohibited from being posted. This website is called "PeanutAllergy.com". This is not a health/nutrition/ diet forum.

Please don't worry your pea-sized brain over what our kids can or cannot eat. If they have the luxury of eating a sweet treat once in a while, all the power to them. I doubt the majority of our chilren have any trouble with weight, as they are left to eat fruit snacks and pretzels as "treats" while the rest of their class eats b-day cakes, candy bars, etc.

now onto the topic.... I just phoned hostess- as first blogger stated, it is suggested to call Hostess with the bakery number to check if safe. My package actually had no warning about tree nuts, but turns out bakery 51 uses walnuts/coconut flakes. Rep was unable to confirm whether allergens were used on the same manufaturing line or not.

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By Jennifer-is-always-sick on Fri, 11-12-10, 02:05

Are you saying that you had a box that didn't have the warning but that there are walnuts used in the facility where it was made? Those should immediately be recalled if that is the case.

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By cervonil on Fri, 11-12-10, 14:22

They only need to list walnuts if it is IN the ingredients. Not on shared equipment or in the same facility. The confusing part with Hostess is some boxes have the "may contain" warning even though there are no nuts in the same facility and they don't have the warning on some boxes that walnuts ARE processed in the same facility. They are inconsistent.

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By wehatepeanuts on Tue, 11-16-10, 20:17

My daughter just has peanut allergy, but the cakes say may contain tree nuts..Do you think its OK for my daughter..We usually avoid tree nuts, even though she tested negative, but these are just may contain..Unsure

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By cervonil on Tue, 11-16-10, 22:01

we usually avoid may contain tree nuts as well, but we have eaten Hostess a few times. I figure whatever the odds are that they contain a tree nut and then the odds that that tree nut "may contain a peanut protein" is pretty low. So we don't eat often but once in a while we do.

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