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By allerG on Thu, 08-25-11, 17:22

Waiting for the results. I'm having testing done to see if I'm allergic to peanuts, among other things (cats is another). I'm excited and relieved I finally got this testing done. I feel like I can relax.

The strange thing is, I don't really have a reason why I think I could be allergic to peanuts. I never liked it to begin with, and, like many of you parents say your kids did, I just started avoiding it (along with all nuts. They just didn't interest me.) I never went out of my way to check for "may contains" or anything, and I'm pretty sure I'm just a picky eater...but if I'm getting work done anyway, why not?

So my question is: are blood tests really reliable? I've heard every question under the sun and not sure what to believe/follow. (My GP ordered the tests, btw, not an allergiest). I've been told that if they come back negative, that's it, I can definitely try eating them if I feel like. (probably won't--though I do miss PB fudge, that's about all I'd ever eat, I think), but I don't want to risk having a reaction.

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By Tornadic VLA on Wed, 08-31-11, 02:16

I also just had my blood drawn recently. From 2 different specialists I have heard that they are very reliable. (I'm also getting tested for cats too!) Even though they are reliable, I would still check with your doctor on what the next step for testing would be if you do test positive just to make sure.


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