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epi pen carriers

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By rferrari001 on Wed, 06-16-10, 21:13

question for the parents with kids that carry epi pens?

What type of carriers have worked out best for the "teens" that carry their meds with them? The more suggestions the better for me!! Thank you all so much

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By BestAllergySites on Mon, 06-21-10, 02:52

There are so many great carriers these days!

I know there is a leg version that is great for boys. And there are a lot of great purse styles.

This link from my website lists many sites that carry a variety of EpiPen carriers.


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By mamasjoy on Mon, 06-28-10, 18:53

My six year old carries his in an E-Belt (I'm sure if you google it, you'll find suppliers). I remembered it was a bit expensive, but his school has a policy that the allergic children must wear them, so we bought the E-Belt.

The leg-style carrier for boys sounds great too.

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By Marlena on Tue, 01-22-13, 11:24

Epipen carriers designed as an undergarment belt or leg holsters make it easy to carry and coceal the large epipen tubes. The Legbuddy and Waistpal are great options. Sold at omaxcare.com, www.epicarriers.com and www.concealedepipen.com

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