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Egg and Peanut allergies

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By takizakura on Sat, 06-19-10, 12:27

Just wondering if anyone here who has to deal with more than peanut allergy takes the same precautions with the other allergies? My son is also allergic to egg. I understand there is a good chance he could outgrow the allergy, but I admit I do not avoid products that are produced on the same line as eggs and even still eat them in the house, though I don't serve them to him. I avoid peanut like the plague. But now I am wondering if I am under-reacting about the egg.

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By cmvervais on Sat, 06-19-10, 20:34

I think it would depend on whether he is anaphylactic to egg or not. I have heard of children having anaphylactic reactions to egg ... but I think that is less common than anaphylaxis to peanut. I would talk to his allergist to determine the best course of action.

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By BestAllergySites on Mon, 06-21-10, 03:04

Yes, it depends upon the allergy.

My son is allergic to peanut, tree nut, egg, sesame and soy.

We avoid peanut, tree nut, and sesame the same. We think soy is a false pos due to accidental ingestion.

My son can NOT tolerate egg in baked cookies etc. but can tolerate egg in packaged dried pastas as well as our local pizza place that uses 1 egg per 25 lbs of flour. (So very little egg).

For this reason--we personally do not avoid "may contains" egg warnings and have not had any problems.

However, some egg allergies are very severe.

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By Bassball23bb on Wed, 06-23-10, 01:17

I am allergic to both egg and peanuts and growing up I had a lot of mild reactions from egg due to my mother's ignorance of cross-contamination! Most reactions were localized skin reactions such as: itchy rashes, hives, and itchy, swollen eyes.

My wife used to use ranch dressing in our house but eventually she stopped because of the risk.

Personally, I wouldn't underestimate the allergy until you have a better understanding of the severity of your child's egg allergy.

I find it's actually more difficult to avoid egg than nuts since it's used in so many foods and condiments. For example, I can't eat at Wendy's restaurants because they use spatulas to spread the mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard on their burgers and they almost always spill mayonnaise in the other condiments, preparation surface, and the veggies.

it's very frustrating because the same thing happens when I go to other restaurants as well. It seems like there's ranch and mayonnaise everywhere!

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