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Atrovent , Combivent - 2012 Info from Manufacturer

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By stratmom on Wed, 04-04-12, 18:10

My PA teenage daughter has been using Atrovent HFA Inhaler for her exercise-induced asthma for more than a year with no problems. Yesterday I read some information about Atrovent being contra-indicated for people with PA.

I called the manufacturer today. Here's the scoop. As of today, April 2012, Atrovent HFA Inhaler is OK for people with peanut and soy allergies. It does not contain any ingredients that would be bad for people with peanut or soy allergies.

It USED TO be contra-indicated, but is not anymore. They apparently changed the formulation.

Please note that I am talking about the HFA Inhaler (puffer) only.

However, Combivent IS NOT safe for people with peanut or soy allergies. They told me that Combivent WAS contra-indicated. I plan to call the Medic Alert people and have Combivent added to her "no" list.

I did not specifically ask about the ingredients used in a nebulizer.

I hope you guys find this helpful.

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