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Peanut Detector Dogs

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By HookwormIsHope on Fri, 10-15-10, 17:40

When I first heard about the "peanut dogs" I was so excited...But then I heard the price...$10,000 was a lot of money...Haha anyone with me on that? So I was curious to know if anyone had any ideas about how to earn enough money for a PDD? Or maybe anyone that already has one; how did you come up with the money? Anyway, just curious, I had thought about car washes and bake sales and things...any new ideas?

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By ses1978 on Fri, 10-15-10, 21:16

I am not surprised that you found that out. Surprisingly therapy/service animals like the one you are describing are incredibly expensive. Start with a local organization, local obedience instructor, local breeder and local vet and animal shelter first though to see what you might want to look for in terms of breed and what to expect and how to train them yourself if you have the time. You want to cut down on the actual cost since most insurances generally won't cover such an expense. I'm already starting the inquiries myself and it may take a lot. But a lot of the organizations might be able to help you with fund raising ideas.

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By HookwormIsHope on Sat, 10-16-10, 18:28

Thank you! I will definately look into that with my local vet and shelter ect. I was considering asking another good trainer to teach a dog to sniff out peanuts, because maybe then it wouldn't cost $10,000. Well, I certainly appreciate you help!!

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By ses1978 on Sat, 10-16-10, 19:19

That might be a good option as well. If you can go local, you might be able to shave off a lot of cost. It never hurts to try!

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By HookwormIsHope on Sat, 10-16-10, 22:07

No, it never hurts! Thanks!

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By Mach5AR on Sat, 11-20-10, 23:52

While you may find someone to train a dog to detect peanuts, you will not be able to take that dog any where without the dog being trained to be a service dog by a fully accredited Service Dog Trainer. The scent training must be done by a Master Scent Trainer also to receive proper paperwork to take the dog in public as a Peanut Detection Service Dog. This is what adds to the cost of these dogs, all the specialized training they receive which is not cheaply or quickly done. It is a very involved process taking a year or more to complete when done properly. $10,000 is the lowest cost I know of between the ones I have talked to and the range went up to $25,000+.

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By Busymomof3 on Thu, 06-16-11, 21:38

Am seriously wanting a peanut detection dog for my son. (even smelling peanuts is fatal.) any groups out there to help defray costs? Allergy to the dog would be worth it to have piece of mind and safety of child to scent out the unknown dangers.

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By Mach5AR on Fri, 06-17-11, 17:49

We have set up a non-profit, Will Work For Peanuts, to train Peanut Detection Service Dogs at no cost for the training. You would need to supply the dog and consult with our trainers on the type of dog needed that would be best suited for the job, along with being a good match for each family. Please contact me so we can possibly be of help to your family.

[email protected]

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By Kelmg813 on Tue, 08-23-11, 01:40

That would be really cool if it didn't cost so much.

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By cgavin on Thu, 03-08-12, 17:13

I've met a lot of families who have successfully raised funds for these dogs- most took 6 mos - 1 year. Aside from bake sales, think big - the more money you raise in 1 event, the fewer you have to do. Silent auctions, concert events and dinners, and other creative ideas help build your funds quickly. Getting media involved helps spread the word too! It's not easy, but certainly not an unreachable goal. There are a lot of tax breaks for someone investing in a service dog, so make sure you check those out too. Look into fundraising ideas online- there are a ton of great ideas!

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By Chelsea K. Sonksen on Tue, 10-23-12, 21:14

Hi Samm,
This site is a great resource for information about service dogs: http://angelservicedogs.com/.. Hopefully it will lead you to find some sort of scholarship or grant to help pay for the pricy pets!

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