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Moving to Switzerlandwith a PA kid! Help!!

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By angelasmith on Sun, 07-11-10, 08:14

My family is relocating to Switzerland (for 6 months)and I am nervous to be doing this with my highly allergic 11 year old duaghter. Doesany one have any tips/advice/ or information that they can share? We will be in the german speaking area, in Zurich.

I would like to get a pediatrician, and find out about what sort of pitfalls I need to avoid while shopping.

Thanks in advance!!


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By takizakura on Mon, 07-12-10, 13:04

Bring lots of your own safe food from home to get you started and of course you know that fresh fruit and veggies are safe. Mcdonald's should be safe too, but double check when you get there (I take ds here in Japan). I don't think there is as much awareness of food allergies overseas and I'm not sure even how common peanut allergy is in Europe (very rare here in Japan). Check online for an ex-pat (ex-patriot) group in Switzerland as well- they may be able to give advice on grocery shopping.

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By Zachnunes on Fri, 07-23-10, 00:00

Ok first off don't worry. Switzerland has fairly good English all over, and in my travels around Europe people always understand my allergies. When I was on the top of the Austria Alps at a cafe the waiter there also had a Peanut allergy.

Don't just eat at McDonalds you will kill your kid a different way (through malnutrition and obesity). Switzerland is a very safe place and also very multicultural so you will have a bunch of amazing options for food. Really don't worry at all. Bring a German language allergy card to be extra safe. Explore Europe and have fun.

You'll have very little to no problems. Message me if you want any extra help or tips for travelling.

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