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feeling doomed from peanut allergy

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By ticatiff on Mon, 08-23-10, 20:15

My reactions to accidentally eating something with peanut/peanutbutter in it has become so devastinating that I think I am doomed to just lay down and die.

My boss doesn't understand how bad I feel from this allergy and shows no sympathy. My co-workers actually said my face was peelish-green. I was wheezing and feel like a dark cloud was over me trying to suck the life out of me. I truly think this disease will kill me eventally.

I hate the way this allergy makes me feel.

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By HookwormIsHope on Sat, 10-23-10, 01:59

Hello. My name is sam. Just wanted to remind you that their is a lot in life to experience and to keep your head held high. I'm no doctor, but I think this may be a symptom of depression and may want to look into it. I feel this way sometimes...I'm not religious, but I do think there is a little bit of reason in being the way we are. Why don't you try becoming an activist? Fight against ignorant people like your boss. Take a vacation, get some sun. I imagine that would be good for you...

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By Jennifer-is-always-sick on Sat, 11-06-10, 22:01

I hope you are feeling better about this situation. Being diagnosed with a new disease/condition can have very horrible psychological effects on a person, and it's normal to feel the way you are/were feeling. I hope you feel better.

It's a matter of educating yourself. Research and talk to your allergist/doctor to get help. Join a support group. Spend more time on this forum to get help from others who have been in your position. Your reaction to the peanuts, that sense of "impending doom" is actually a normal allergic response. You feel panicked, and it's because your brain knows something is terribly wrong.

Practicing avoidance and making sure you have emergency medication on you at all times will help you get through this. You will gradual become more comfortable with your newly diagnosed allergy and know how to keep yourself safe.

Oh, and to hell with your co-workers and boss. :)

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