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Birthday Parties

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By PANewbie on Thu, 07-15-10, 05:42

Taking PA kids to birthday parties is always a fun topic.

We were recently invited to a birthday party for the neighbor boy, and DD (age 3) was excited to go.

Our neighbors (a doctor and a pharmacist) were aware of her peanut allergy, but had vietnamese spring rolls with peanut sauce and chopped peanuts to eat, and handed out Baskin Robbins gift certificates for favors.

Thankfully everthing worked out ok. None of the kids were eating the food, and the adults weren't near the area where kids were playing, so we decided to keep DD in the backyard where the kiddie pool was.

We left before cake.

However, I realize that my daughter is only 3, and while she doesn't mind now, I know there will be many parties where she can't go or can't stay because it isn't safe.

I just don't look forward to her being dissappointed. If a doctor and pharmacist don't get it, I know I can't expect much better.


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By cervonil on Thu, 07-15-10, 20:05

that is a bummer. I've read that you should call before hand to find out what food is being served, but that is so awkward to do. But at least then you can make a better decision as to if you still think it is safe for him to attend. It's hard not to be frustrated once you get there and find obviously unsafe foods. Especially because your child would be SO dissapointed. I mean it's their party they can certainly serve what they want, but still frustrating and difficult on our part.

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By Gus Mommy on Fri, 07-16-10, 00:52

We just went to a Bday party this weekend. The friends know about Gus' PA but they still asked someone to make peanut butter pie! So we stayed and had fun until they brought the pie out. Then we left. Luckily the party drug on for a while to the kids felt they got a full party in.

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By Mrsdocrse on Wed, 07-21-10, 23:14

parties are always a challenge. I bring a "safe" cup cake for my son to have while everyone is having cake. He didn't mind at all. He is older now (almost 10) so he prefers not to have dessert. However when I go to someones house for a party I always offer to bring a couple of things that I know are safe and will share with everyone!
Good luck

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By Anna13 on Thu, 07-22-10, 02:50

Although it is awkard to ask ahead I agree it's necessary. I would hate to bring my son to a party then make him leave heart broken. I have to say though, I haven't experienced any negativity when I've asked. In fact now most of the time our friends call ahead of time and ask questions or even save the packaging for us to double check. I think that it has become so common that people have become more aware. I always bring safe desserts as well, just in case. Good luck everyone!

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By ek2 on Fri, 07-23-10, 00:31

I concur with several of the posters. When my pa son was little we attended all the parties and left when cake was served. He did not care and it was not a big deal. Now that he is older and can articulate his PA, knows what he can/cannot eat and asks questions, parties are a lot easier. He is almost 6 and understands if he wants cake we must pack his own cup cake or cookie. It will be life for him and I want him to enjoy everything as much as possible. We just took a trip to Asia where practically everything is cooked in peanut oil or contains nuts, but were able to find places for him to eat.
There are limitations for all of us in life, his just happens to be peanuts.

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