Airborne Peanut Allergy Caused by Vaccines?

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By JJ7 on Sun, 09-09-12, 18:42

Hi. My son was diagnosed with PA in Feb. 2012. He was twelve years old at the time, but I believe his story goes back to when he was six.

He WAS NOT BORN with PA. Around six (probably following the series of required vaccinations for first grade), he developed what we thought was lactose intollerance. He later began having sores in the corner of his mouth that wouldn't heal. We treated him with lactose tablets and then took him to a dermatologist who tried to treat his mouth sores topically and NEVER ONCE mentioned a food allergy. It wasn't until his assistant noticed the lactose intollerance note in his file, that SHE suggested we might want to back off on milk products. We pulled everything milk-related out of his diet (which inadvertently elimated MOST things peanut-related.) His face cleared up!

It was only after my son had sudden onset of itching and swelling to his face following the ingestion of a walnut, that I decided I needed help from an allergist. (Note that this was also shortly following a Dtap booster he received when he turned twelve.)

His skin tests came back positive for peanut, chocolate, cherry, lima beans, and peas. The allergist told me to do an actual food test at home. The chocolate was okay (got a milk/peanut free pkg.) But the peanut really caused a reaction. We now have an epi pen.

Here's the problem: My son's is so sensitive that he cannot even go into a grocery store without experience swelling of his lip, cheeks, and tongue. Most instances resolve on their own, but not always. Cases, such entering a steaming shower where sunflower seeds have been left (RV Park bathroom, or or being right next to someone who has worked in a food repackaging plant all day, can send him right into anaphylaxis. We have been lucky enough to get a prednisone down him in time to control the swelling, but it was a very close call a couple of weeks ago.

My son IS the rare case of having airborne peanut allergy. IT IS not in his head because he hasn't even been aware of the presence of an allergen until AFTER the reaction. He is not able to go back to church (hot food is always being served and has cross-contaminents that fill the air), nor can he return to baseball. FORGET the fair or Disneyland. FORGET school...we can't even go to Costco! I took him to the grocery store, left him in the car while I shopped and upon returning to the car, his lip swelled. What could I have picked up in the store? (Except I DID have pass by the bulk peanuts in order to buy strawberries.

His allergist is suggesting peanut immunotherapy (IF insurance will approve a drug called Xolair to be used simultaneously.)

I BELIEVE his peanut allergy has been CAUSED by the
vaccinations he has been subjected to. Additionally, his reactions are NOT caused by his fears.

Is there anyone else with an experience like this?

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By nicole2460 on Fri, 11-09-12, 03:23

I'm similar but not to that extreme. i used to eat peanuts all the time! then one day when i was about 10 we went out for dinner and ordered chicken sate (spelling?). my lips began to swell to the point my skin was wrapping. my throat and mouth was incredibly itchy and i had horrible stomach cramps. this happened multiple times of the years. one day during senior year i went down to the shops with my friends to eat lunch. about 15mins before lunch was over i began to feel my lips swelling and the usual itchiness and cramping. i thought it would go away within a few hours like previous times. however, i began to experience other symptoms for the first time. as i was walking to my locker, my tongue began to swell up. by the time i was at my locker it got so bad i thought, "i have to go find someone" (my friends had left because they were 'late for class...'). i tried to find my grade coordinator but she was nowhere to be seen, so i went down to reception to call my mum. at this point my tongue was so swollen she couldn't understand me over the phone and i had to keep repeating myself. she said she was on her way so i waited on the couch. as i sat there i got INCREDIBLY hot. i was sweating through my uniform! i could not sit up straight and just sat on my side. mum finally came but had to sign me out of school. they wouldn't let me go because there was a huge party on that night and people were leaving earl to get read, and they just assumed i was one of them. after seeing the deputy she finally let me go. when i got to ER they took my blood pressure and said it was dropping so they gave me epipen. for 3 weeks i couldn't walk properly because my leg felt as though it was going to give way as if the needle had deteriorated my muscle. i have had incidences where i react to just smelling peanuts if I'm on the other side of the house. its just strange how it took 10 years for anything to appear.
one of the hardest parts is inconsiderate people. they think "you can't expect the world to alter their ways to suit your needs" thats never what I've ever intended. perhaps you could stop ordering peanut dishes when we go to restaurants and then breathing in my face.

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By cathlina on Sat, 11-10-12, 01:44

I don't believe there is any causal research showing the peanut allergy is related to vaccines. I was 28 years old before I had my first peanut reaction, many years after any vaccines.

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By pxleal on Sat, 08-17-13, 17:14

Sign my petition urging vaccine manufacturers to disclose full ingredients list

Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, SanofiPasteur, Pfizer, CDC, FDA: Disclose full list of all vaccines' ingredients and if peanut is used in them

THREE MILLION Americans suffer from peanut allergy and experts are not sure why. Some theorize that peanut oil is used in our vaccines, causing hypersensitivity to peanut, later leading to peanut/treenut allergy. We need to know the truth. Even if only a minority of people vaccinated were to develop peanut allergy, this is unacceptable because this is a lifelong condition with no known cure. Peanut/treenut allergies cause extreme hardships and anxiety for patients and families everyday at every meal for the rest of their lives. Peanut allergy is the most lethal of all food allergies killing more people than any other food allergy. Peanut/treenut is ubiquitous in our society. It is in all schools, most restaurants and processed foods. Avoiding it completely is virtually impossible. Patients with peanut allergy are likely to have a reaction within three years (95% chance). The most important treatment, Epinephrine (Epipen), is not 100% guaranteed to work.

Vaccinations are important and they do save lives, but we need to develop safer vaccines for EVERYONE. We should not be iatrogenically producing uncurable diseases in ANY patient receiving vaccines. We have very advanced science and we cannot find a safer alternative adjuvant to use in vaccines besides peanut oil? That is hard to believe. We are The United States of America! In addition, we have the right to know what substance we are injecting in our bodies. Partial vaccine ingredient disclosure is unacceptable. Vaccine manufacturers cite "trade secrets" as justification for witholding complete vaccine ingredients information.

Childhood vaccines are universally mandated in U.S. schools. More and more vaccines are being recommended for adults, as well. If we do not make sure that our vaccines are safe and free from peanut oil, many more people could keep acquiring and dying from peanut allergy. IF YOU DO NOT SIGN THIS PETITION, YOU, YOUR CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN COULD BE NEXT TO BE AFFLICTED WITH PEANUT ALLERGY, AN UNCURABLE AND DEADLY ILLNESS.

For my daughter who suffers from peanut allergy as well as three million more Americans it may be too late. But perhaps it is not too late for saving countless others from this fate.

I humbly thank you for your signature.

Some resources for references on this topic include: Heather Fraser's book "The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic," and New York Times articles from 9/19/1964 and 11/11/1966 announcing successful results in thousands of patients receiving vaccines containing peanut oil.

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By AD75 on Sun, 08-18-13, 01:07

I'm surprised your comment that you believe your son's PA is due to vaccines has been allowed to be posted and hasn't yet been removed. Most people who try to voice opinions along these lines are labeled "crazy anti-vaxers" in an effort to discredit them. I noticed on the Food Ana. Network there is a warning to not discuss vaccines or post will be deleted. So, good for you to speak up for what you believe, but don't be surprised if it is removed. My son recently was found to have a peanut allergy, no one in my family has ever been known to have allergies (well over 100 people through my grandparents), and food allergies in schools was unheard of when I was growing up. I work in schools now and there are MANY children with food allergies, because it is so common place now, people think it is the "norm" and don't question it too much. But, a generation ago, we did not have these problems, nor some of the other problems our children face now days (think of some of the other A's). I know many veteran teachers with 25-30 years experience who say they had no kids with food allergies when they started out, they weren't even aware of it until recent years. Genetics don't change in a generation or two, not even in a mere hundred years. So, I think PA and other food allergies are a man made problem, either due to modern medicine (vaccine, antibiotics, etc) or the modern food industry (GMOs, processed foods, etc). Only the environment can make such an impact in a short time span. If people were dying from eating a peanut hundreds of years ago, they would have stopped cultivating peanuts because they would have been identified as poisonous as soon as the first person dropped dead from eating one within a few minutes (it's not like they had the epi's back then). So, I don't know for sure, but I suspect medicine, the food industry, or a combo of both are to blame. As for my son, he received very little processed foods as I have made all of his food including baby food, and we eat organic, he has, however, had most of his vaccinations against my better judgment. I can't undo and will probably never have science to support it because those in power will never want to know the cause. I can only hope that the people who created the problem will be motivated to find a "cure" to fix it when they realize their is money to be made in fixing it since so many people have allergies. I will gladly sign your petition, but sadly, in my heart, I feel our government was bought out long ago by big pharma and other business.

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By pxleal on Sun, 08-18-13, 06:25

Thanks for signing. I wonder if I picked a good time to post my petition (Friday night).

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By samsmommy99 on Sun, 08-18-13, 17:08

I think we are too quick to blame vaccines for a lot of stuff. The vaccines were just as full of crap 40 years ago as they are today, and most of us are just fine and healthy. My son is almost 14 with a peanut allergy, autism, and a ton of other issues.... Sure id like to know why? And how? But I know it was not from shots...( even though I do not give them anymore... We have had titers done and he is still well protected) I think our environment is just very different, the food is all crap, the air we breathe is polluted, and things just are not as pure as they used to be 40 years ago. I am an advocate for making your own choice on shots for your kids.... Some people choose to give them, some don't.... To each his own.


Mother to a 14 year old, peanut, sesame, peas, most legumes, soy, gluten and more
allergic child who is also autistic. ( non-speaking autistic child who can't tell anyone who he is or what he can eat or not eat!!! scary stuff!!)

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By informedmomma on Mon, 08-19-13, 00:39

My son is six with a severe peanut allergy and he hasn't had a single vaccination. That's just one case, so who knows, but just wanted to put that out there. :)

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By pxleal on Mon, 08-19-13, 02:44

Thank you both for comenting. Even if we find out vaccines have no peanut in them, we will still advance science on peanut allergy if we can rule out vaccines as a cause of peanut allergy epidemic. Currently, we cannot make an informed decision beause we do not have knowledge of the full ingredients in vaccines. At some point, my letition to request full vaccine disclosure borders on civil rights request.

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By CVRTBB on Mon, 08-19-13, 22:39

I would have to disagree with the assumption that a severe peanut allergy is caused by vaccines. First of all because when a child goes through puberty allergies tend to A)Get Better or B) Get worse/develop new allergies.

I have 3 children who have/had a pn allergy. My son was dx'd at 11 months old and is every bit as severe as you describe your child as being. He is now 17 years old and we have had to use the epi pen 5 times over the years. My 16 yr old daughter who was allergic to over 20 foods (10 anaphalactically), outgrew ALL of her allergies including peanut when she went through puberty. My 15 yr old daughter also outgrew a pn allergy but not her fish and shellfish allergy.

So, here is the kicker :) NONE of the 3 have ever had a vaccine! (ooops! My son had a tetanus shot a few years ago when he was attacked by a dog). We stopped when my oldest was 15 months old and the younger 3 have never had one other than the one tetanus shot.

Hope this helps!

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By CVRTBB on Mon, 08-19-13, 22:49

I would also like to add that buying any kind of fruits or veggies in a grocery store that has an open bin of peanuts is risky. I have watched people literally run their hands through the bin of peanuts then walk around and touch the other produce while shopping. The other problem is that as people are running their hands through or putting some in bags they tend to drop some on the floor (and not always near the bin). I accidently stepped on some one time and my son had a reaction :(

I am also allergic to peanuts and had to leave the store a few days ago because there was apparently residue on the handle of the shopping cart. My hands got bright red with a mottled appearence and my eyes and lips swelled.

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By samsmommy99 on Tue, 08-20-13, 00:22

CVRTBB.... Thank you so much for clarifying that puberty changes the reactions and allergies!!! I have been wondering for the last year why his last immunocap test showed him reactive to almost all that we tested him for when 18 months prior, those were all class 0..... Most of the levels were 1 and 2's but still.... How could he go from mostly level 0's to almost all of them a level 2 and some 3's??? Tha allergist did not answer any of my questions... I think I need to maybe find a new allergist in the area that will answer my questions and listen to my concerns.


Mother to a 14 year old, peanut, sesame, peas, most legumes, soy, gluten and more
allergic child who is also autistic. ( non-speaking autistic child who can't tell anyone who he is or what he can eat or not eat!!! scary stuff!!)

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By CVRTBB on Tue, 08-20-13, 00:33

My nephew went from being only allergic to bee's before puberty to being anaphalactic to fish and shellfish after puberty. You can actually develop at allergy at any time during your lifetime, but times of high hormonal changes seem to be the biggest times for change.

I ate (and LOVED) onions and corn all my life until about 5 years ago or so and am severely allergic to them now as well as almost every nut (I'm 48).

I was really fortunate to find an allergist who was also a pediatrician. Wonderful with the kids and at answering questions!

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By samsmommy99 on Tue, 08-20-13, 04:50

CVRTBB.....the dr did not tell me to pull these things out of his diet at all.... He still eats all the stuff he tested positive for...the only think he has ANA to is peanut, and wheat, soy, and corn make him very ill. I did talk to my old pediatrician from where we used to live, and he said the puberty thing is normal, but the levels should drop back down to 0 when puberty slows down.....soo many questions I have.... I miss my pediatrician from MN.... He was so good!! I didn't even have an allergist in MN, but here (AZ) the pediatrician s just send you out to someone else instead of dealing with the issue on their own......stupid stupid stupid...SMH


Mother to a 14 year old, peanut, sesame, peas, most legumes, soy, gluten and more
allergic child who is also autistic. ( non-speaking autistic child who can't tell anyone who he is or what he can eat or not eat!!! scary stuff!!)

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By JenMN on Tue, 08-20-13, 14:01

While I am not convinced of the safety of vaccines myself, I just don't think that they caused peanut allergies. We all had vaccines as kids, and it's rare for my generation to have a peanut allergy.

Peanut allergies started showing up in increasing numbers right around the time that GMOs were being flooded into our diets. Take a look at the startling similarities between a genetically modified soybean protein and a peanut protein.

Just one of the two prevalent theories on why peanut allergies are suddenly so common in children. Of course, adults are eating the GMOs too, but our immune systems are mature.

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By meggie on Tue, 08-20-13, 15:43

I am by no means anti vaccine, all of my children receive the required vaccines and immunizations- but just those that are required. I have a child who suddently, as an infant began showing signs of allergies immediately following a bombardment of shots; approximately 3 months old. The number of immunizations she received in just one day was shocking. She was quite ill following the injections; lethargic, crying incessantly and she developed terrible eczema over her entire body. By 19 months she was diagnosed with severe egg and peanut allergies. I don't know if any one vaccine caused this reaction- I beleiev in vaccines. I try to stay educated and up to date on current research at the sametime have respect for these debiliating and often deadly diseases that the immunizations strive to protect us from. I do however, believe that a closer look into the recommended timeline of vaccine administration could be beneficial. I just can't believe how much goes into those tiny bodies and in a single occurance. This I believe can have adverse affects on individuals; lower the immune system respons or wreck havoc on the immune system in certain people. By the way, the reactions my child experienced at the time of the vaccine administration were not listed as adverse side effects that should be reported. I did mention them to the dr. who of course, brushed them off. My other child received all of the same immunizations but I demanded they be spaced differently. This younger child has no allergies.

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By Avoidanuts on Wed, 09-18-13, 06:17

I was told by the allergist my daughter saw two months ago that testing is being done to determine why/what causes a peanut allergy. The theory is that the roasting process is heightening the proteins (China also grows large amounts of peanuts, but people PA are much smaller in number than here in the United States).
However, the more research I have done the more questions I have, I am currently reading "A Shot in the Dark" and the information is interesting and disgusting in regards to how lack of information has been down played in the U.S. and mandates have been made without sufficient information on the effects it can have to the recipient. Especially those with known health issues
I found this site that may provide some info:
I fully recommend visiting the NVIC site ( as well for further information on vaccines. I am still doing research and will provide what I find as I find it that may be helpful on this subject. However, the VIC site provides information, but the real question is knowing the manufacturer of the vaccine. This should be available and/or provided by your Dr (or wherever the vaccines have been administered). Use the link for the calculator and you can find the ingredients and dosage amount (in micrograms) of the ingredients. So far, from what I've researched there are not any known safe limits for the known ingredients listed (aluminium, formaldehyde, bovine protein, and polysorbate 80 to name a few). At least you will have some info to either ask your Dr. or research further yourself.

Hope this helps, and never stop asking questions. It's through knowledge that we grow and thrive.

By AmberC. on Sun, 12-29-13, 00:39

A good way of thinking about food allergy is this:

blood + foreign particle = food allergy

So. . .how can food protein get into the blood? Lots of ways, shots, like vaccines, the skin prick test, or a leaky gut (or a bee sting, for example).

Google Charles Richet, who founded the word, "anaphylaxis."

Actually, here's the link:


Shots are probably playing a big role, but there are certainly other ways the blood could be contaminated with food protein.

The body, you see, is BEAUTIFUL.

We are looking at allergy all wrong. It is not mysterious, it is a beautiful, protective mechanism to keep our blood clean.

See, the real question is: what is RIGHT about people's immune systems with allergies? Perhaps they have the BETTER immune systems, and how do we avoid tinkering with them to keep them calm.

Perhaps some people's bodies are more reactive by nature, perhaps they naturally would have higher titers. . .

There is still a lot we don't know about appreciating all that is right about the immune system!

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By AmberC. on Sun, 12-29-13, 00:42

Oh, to sammysmommy above, what you're saying is true. The shots have always been full of garbage. And now children receive more of them. Plus, just like everything else, shots are made with cost in mind. As well, 20 years ago the vaccine companies said, "We need LESS regulation governments to make our bottom line."


So, with environmental factors colliding with a more crowded vaccine schedule, and deregulation, we really created a perfect storm for many, many conditions.

But we shouldn't think this is such a mystery. I think the body is just doing what it's supposed to be doing given all these overwhelming factors.

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