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what is that rushing feeling?

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By surgee on Sun, 10-10-10, 03:07

When I have a reaction I always get this rushing feeling right away like their is fire going up the body. Then I tremble and feel cold then the rushing again. Is this anaphylatic shock or is this panic? If it continues then I feel thirsty and weak and get loose stools. No throat swelling or hives or anything like that.

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By ses1978 on Tue, 10-12-10, 02:34

Sounds more like it might be a panic attack.

Does it happen immediately after you eat a particular food?
If so then it may be an allergy to that food.

If not, then what you are describing is a serious case of a panic attack that you need to address with a certified psychiatrist.

I suffer the same symptoms when I become overly anxious particularly in large crowds at a store the day after Thanksgiving.

The only other thing that caused anything similar was when I had a reaction so bad to the last plum I ever ate but I reacted within ten minutes of eating it and nearly blacked out which is why I was declared allergic.

But with the symptoms you describe, you have to identify whether or not they are always occurring after you eat a certain food and only after eating that food or if not, then go get treated for possible panic attacks by a qualified doctor.

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By charitie on Wed, 10-13-10, 01:49

What are anaphylaxis symptoms?

The symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction may occur within seconds of exposure, or be delayed 15 to 30 minutes, or even an hour or more after exposure (typical of reactions to aspirin and similar drugs). Early symptoms are often related to the skin and include:

Flushing (warmth and redness of the skin),
itching (often in the groin or armpits), and
These symptoms are often accompanied by:

a feeling of "impending doom,"
anxiety, and
sometimes a rapid, irregular pulse.
Frequently following the above symptoms, throat and tongue swelling results in hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, and difficulty breathing. By Medicinenet.com

I think you are describing the "impending doom" feeling I have seen it and have felt the anxiety of it when my son has had a reaction. I think the coldness is a drop in blood pressure, which is common during an anaphalactic reaction.

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By ses1978 on Thu, 10-14-10, 00:36

Again, the question to answer first before assuming that one had an anaphylactic reaction is whether it only occurs after eating a certain food and at no other time.

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By surgee on Thu, 10-14-10, 01:35

It only happens when I have eaten nuts or smelled peanuts. I am just not sure if I am having a reaction to the peanuts which is magnified by panic. However, I have had the reaction when I did not know I had eaten nuts and found out later that I had. Like one time I was eating in a restuarant and started to have this reaction and then it died down. Later I found out the waitress was wrong and it was cooked in peanut oil. I think the problem is that the anxiety and the allergy have alot of the same symptoms in beginning but the cold chills and loose stools must be from the allergy I would think. I just haven't heard of other people having this rushing feeling. I never get throat swelling which I think is weird.

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By ses1978 on Fri, 10-15-10, 01:16

Different allergens cause different symptoms with different people. Talk to a doctor and then consider under his/her supervision doing a food challenge. If you think it's probably anxiety over it, then don't anticipate that you'll have a reaction because then you might actually have the symptoms you are describing. That does get more into bigger issues such as hypochondria. So maybe even before you go to the doctor consider doing a food challenge yourself for a week without and then a week with so you can tell your doctor what happens when you eliminate it compared to when you eat it. Then your doctor can assess you better as to whether you are having a true allergic response or anxiety due to being afraid of having a reaction.

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