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Was this a reaction?

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By mbg321 on Thu, 04-08-10, 13:33

I was staying at my sister-in-law's home and made a simple dinner of regular Barilla pasta and butter. Within 20 minutes of beginning to eat, I had violent stomach cramps, diahrerra, feeling of thickness in my throat and panic. (I do suffer from panic attacks also). I took benadryl and it did not seem to help. I could not calm down. My sister-in-law and her family do eat nuts in their home. I ended up calling 911. My pulse ox was 99, my blood pressure was fine. The ER doc said it was not an allergic reaction. He said it probably was gastritis caused by the butter. But could it have been an allergic reaction to any nut residues that might have been in the kitchen? Help! I am so confused. I now feel like I don't know when to call 911 and when not to.

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By TJP on Thu, 04-08-10, 13:36

It sounds to me like it was a reaction! If you are not sure when to get help air on the side of caution. Whenever something involves you airway you can never be to safe!

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By BestAllergySites on Thu, 04-08-10, 16:50

You should never worry about calling 911. Is there a reason you did not self administer the EpiPen? Do you have an EpiPen?

My first inclination was allergy to dairy or no allergy reaction because your blood pressure was fine. (Anaphylaxis is typically accompanied by a drop in blood pressure).

But since you said thickening of the throat, coupled with stomach pain--it sounds like a reaction to me too.

If it was not a fresh stick of butter, it's possible there was some contamination on the end of the stick. Or cross contamination elsewhere.

I'm afraid in this instance you might not ever know.

Do keep your Epi on hand at all times and again--don't ever be afraid to call for emergency help.

I'm glad that you are okay. :)

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By Michaels Mom on Thu, 04-08-10, 18:52

Just one more point, though...I also have had panic attacks...it can really feel like your throat is closing!

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By mbg321 on Thu, 04-08-10, 19:49

This is what confuses me then. How do I know? I feel like this a number of times a month with no standard food trigger. So if I am not wheezing, and my lips and tongue are not swelling, then do I assume that it might be a gastro allergic reaction that I have made worse with panic. And if my heart is beating like crazy, the last thing I really want to do is add the epi pen med to my system. So I get caught in this panic of am I dying? is this the HUGE allergic reaction? Leaving in 12 days for Florida and want this to be a good vacation for my family and not one where a panic attack/allergic reaction sends me to the ER b/c I don't know what to do.

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By TJP on Thu, 04-08-10, 23:12

What if when ever you are having one of these episodes make sure there is someone with you. That way if it is an allergic reaction then you will have someone there who can take charge if things get worse. If you can't have someone with you then get yourself in to the doctor to be on the safe side.

I'm sure if you had a plane in place you would put yourself at ease.

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By Michaels Mom on Fri, 04-09-10, 16:10

This may sound odd and slightly self abusive :), but can you "instigate" a panic attack at a time when there is no food in the mix? For example, I know that flying and passing tractor trailers alongside a concrete median are sure to set off my panic attacks. Maybe try this and see what your symptoms are with panic as the only factor...also to consider- I used to have panic attacks much more frequently. There is medication that can help, as can cognitive behavioral therapy. Are you new to food allergies? Even though it's been a long time since I've actually had a panic attack, being overwhelemed as ea of my sons' FA were diagnosed and trying to plan our life around them made me feel much more vulnerable to them. If I hadn't learned how to turn that process off, I'm sure I would have had several by now.

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