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Please help!!

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By heathervan on Fri, 01-29-10, 12:50

My daughter ate a handful of peanuts a week or so ago and broke out in hives(from neck to her waist) they did the rast test it was positive but they say it was moderate! what does this mean, my ped doctor told us to keep her away from nuts beacuse it can get worse. we are so confused, I can't get her in to a peds allergy doc till march(a month away) do I go camando and nothing to do with nuts or just watch her. she did give us an epi pin thing, but now I am just floored and have no clue. like should I just say not nuts to my daughter or nothing that contains nuts. I don't know how concerned to be?? despret for some advise or something....

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By BestAllergySites on Fri, 01-29-10, 15:52


Welcome to peanutallergy.com!

Sorry you are dealing with this and are so worried and frustrated. You have every right to be so.

I am not an allergist so I am just speaking from my own experience dealing with my food allergic child and working within the food allergy community.

1. Do not allow your child to eat peanuts, (potentially tree nuts-b/c they are often processed with or near peanuts), and even items that say processed in a facility with or may contain peanuts.

2. Many individuals and allergists believe that there really is no such thing as a moderate peanut allergy. Allergies can get better or worse over time and peanut seems to be one of the most severe.

3. Tests can have false pos and false neg, but paired with a reaction like your daughters hives--she more than likely does have a food allergy and full body/trunk hives are a pretty bad reaction because that is only what you are seeing on the outside--who knows what her body is suffering on the inside.

4. Peanut allergy typically develops after the first contact with the allergen. So reactions can get worse over time after that first consumption of peanut or reaction.

5. Carry the epipen with you at ALL times. Learn how to use it and if she has a reaction--do not be afraid to give it to her.

6. Get in to see an allergist as soon as possible to discuss your worries and concerns and to get support.

That's probably enough for you to digest for now. Feel free to ask any questions and hang in there. It's a shock at first but it will get easier.


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By heathervan on Fri, 01-29-10, 19:14

Thank you for the help, I am trying to get her into the ped's alergist, but their first apot. isn't till march. so that just freaked me out not knowing all the answers till then. you were very helpful. I will make sure to carry it with me all the time, and I guess I will just have to be very carefull till then.again thank you.

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By BestAllergySites on Mon, 02-01-10, 16:36

You are very welcome!

Feel free to answer any other questions and let us know how the apt goes if you get to see an allergist.


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