Is this an allergic reaction to peanuts?

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By Turkey01 on Wed, 05-12-10, 23:26

I have been eating peanut butter almost daily for the past month. I have never had a reaction to peanuts in my life and have always eaten them. Four times in the past few weeks my upper lip has swollen for no apparent reason. I am also now getting these welts on my body and itching badly at times. Can this be a allergic reaction to peanuts? I have an appointment with an allergy doctor in a few weeks to have the blood test done but would like to know if this sounds like a peanut allergy.

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By kalelpeanut on Thu, 05-13-10, 05:35

Yes. It sounds like it could be a reaction to peanuts or maybe something else. It's good that you have an appointment with your Doctor. I'm sure he/she will help you figure out.
Good luck!


Mother of three beautiful kids.
Boy(7) No allergies. Boy(4) Fatal allergy to peanuts and allergic to tree nuts and eggs. Has asthma. Girl(1) Egg, peanut allergy and eczema.

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