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Here we go again!

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By Michaels Mom on Tue, 12-29-09, 00:02

Our 3 yo son has PA and this was our first time with it at the holidays...I was very nervous, but for the most part my family has been great. We were at a get together at my parent's last night and I was so relaxed b/c there were no peanuts or may contain items in the house...and Michael did just fine! As we were getting ready to leave however, I noticed my 9 month old son was really rubbing his eyes. It was his bedtime, so I din't give it too much thought...then he began coughing. I loked at him and his eye lids were COVERED in hives. Within minutes he was wheezing...I panicked b/c he's had no food issues (he's not really eating table food yet) and he's so small I didn't know how much or even if he could have benadryl. We called the on call, but didn't stick around for a call back...About a mile into the trip we regretted not calling 911. We called and an ambulance met us en route. He had a nebulizer immediately and this helped his breathing tremendously. His hives and eyes (which were swollen shut at this point) weren't responding to the IV Benadryl. Once at the ER they did clear up with an epi injection. The terrifying part is we have no real idea what caused this! He had had a few tiny pieces of a sugar cookie (homemade) almost 2 hrs before. The only thing we can think of is, several people were eating shrimp at the time of his reaction. They had been earlier in the day as well, but this time Nana kissed him...Thankfully allergist had a cancellation so we can get in on the 8th...otherwise we would have had to wait until March! Will they do the skin test on him since he's still so young? My 3 yo just barely managed to keep still enough!

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By jsndsplus3 on Wed, 12-30-09, 01:21

I have a 10 month old who just had skin test for PA, TNA, and Egg. I'm not sure how accurate it really was though b/c he was sitting on my lap not flat. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. He cried for just a few minutes and that was it. I was surprised how "easy" it all went. I wish you the best.

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By BestAllergySites on Fri, 01-01-10, 21:53

Michal's Mom--I am so sorry to hear of your horrible experience. I am so glad that everything is okay now and you were able to receive quick treatment.

I'm not sure what your allergist will do as far as testing. Testing is difficult at this age not only because of the child's inability to sit still but also because of false positives etc. Your child is young and has not started solid foods fully yet therefore testing might not be 100% conclusive. Typically to develop a reaction, you have to have consumed the food before. Reactions develop on 2nd or after exposures. If you breast fed--then there may be exposure there.

Let us know what happens and whether they do testing or not.

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By Michaels Mom on Sat, 01-02-10, 02:15

That's the really odd part to me. Connor has obviously never eaten shrimp. I did nurse him, but I haven't had shrimp or any type of shellfish in oh, say, 30 years! It's never even been in our home. Can second exposure happen within hours? This was the 1st time he was exposed to it, but it was out at lunchtime, put away, and brought back out at dinner time. I know these are questions for the allergist, but the progression of his symptoms was terrifing- even the EMT said, "OK I can breathe now" after treating him for 20 minutes and finally seeing some improvement...

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By BestAllergySites on Sun, 01-03-10, 20:37

I'm not sure if exposure twice in one day could be considered second exposure especially when the item was not eaten. That would be a great question for the allergist.

I find it more likely that another food was around on hands lips etc. that could have caused the reaction that he may have been exposed to prior.

I really am so glad to hear that he is okay and I hope you are able to get some answers soon. Please do let us know what happens with the allergist.

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By Septemberrayne on Sat, 01-02-10, 03:23

My daughter had her first skin test around 4 months of age.

And still gets allergy tests... and never sits still.

I guess it is up to the Dr. on if they will.

I hope you can figure it out for your peace. I can not imagine what that felt like.

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By momofda on Sat, 01-02-10, 03:28

I'm so glad he's OK......how scary for all of you. My 4 year old has severe peanut allergies and I just had a baby 6 weeks ago. I was part of an experiment where pregnant mothers who have children with peanut allergies, do not ingest any peanuts while pregnant. Then when the baby is 6 months old, they are going to test her, so I believe it is possible to test early, but yes, getting them to sit still is another issue. Let us know what you find out...good luck!

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By Ashley5473 on Sun, 01-03-10, 01:03

Momofda - please let us know the results of the study! Personally, I lived on pb with my first and she is highly allergic to peanuts...with my second I didn't ever have a bite of peanuts during my pregnancy and he is, too! So, I'm really curious as to what they find....

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By allergymama on Mon, 01-04-10, 04:35

Sorry you're going through all this with both kids. One option is you can talk to the allergist about a blood test instead of a skin test. We've always done skin tests, but mine started at 1.5 yrs and up. Both kids sat pretty still after reassuring them what was going on. That wont work for the baby. Another option is call the allergist office back BEFORE the appt. Ask if you will need a separate appt for skin testing or any other testing, if so can you schedule that now to be on the same day? Waiting for the skin testing appt was the most upsetting part of the visit for us. Another though is to keep a food and reaction log prior to the appt. Just try to track what the child eats and any signs of rashes, hives, full ractions, etc.

good luck at your appt.

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By Ashley5473 on Tue, 01-05-10, 04:17

The "homemade" sugar cookie he ate---was it made with Pillsbury mix? The Pillsbury refrigerated dough is made with peanut flour...just a thought...
Let us know how the allergy goes. As far as being "sensitized" to a particular allergen...my daughter has had peanut butter ONCE and had an anaphylactic reaction...I am assuming that she was sensitized during that reaction or by having eaten "may contains" in the past...
Good luck!

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By Michaels Mom on Sat, 01-09-10, 01:28

Well, we didn't get the clear cut answers we were looking for today, but we did learn a lot...Apparently, a skin test can not be done this soon after a severe reaction. The doctor explained that for 6 weeks, iga (I believe that's what she said) is all "tied" up, so a skin test is likely to have a false "negative" result. This surprised me a little, b/c Michael had a slin test done sooner than 6 weeks by the same physician...although his reaction was nothing compared to this... She did an extrememly thorough interview and then RAST tested him for anything we could come up that he could have been exposed to. She said, yes, this test is generally less accurate than skin testing, but should still give us an answer. If all come back neg., she will skin test at 6 weeks out. She also did say that "second exposure" could happen in the same day....Now we have to wait the 10 days for RAST results- UGG!

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By BestAllergySites on Mon, 01-11-10, 01:13

I think she probably meant IGE and yes--usually after a reaction the tests may be falsely high. An allergic reaction is an immune system response--so the immune system is weakened after a reaction. Doing a skin prick test introduces more of the allergen causing the weakened immune system to react even more.

I have not heard 6 weeks--that seems a bit long to me. Usually things calm down within a week or so per my allergist.

Also--10 days on a rast is on the long side. You could call after a week to see if the results are in. Allergists like to drag things out.

I did not know you could have a 2nd exposure in the same day. Good to know. I'll have to double ck with my allergist on that. It would seem that the 2nd reaction or exposure could be worse b/c the body is still recovering from the first. If that makes sense.

Keep us up to date. I'd love to hear what you find out in regards to your son.

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By Michaels Mom on Wed, 01-13-10, 02:38

Egg. It was egg in the sugar cookie. I'm honestly shocked. It had been well over an hour- almost 2- since he had eaten that. when his sx's started they progressed so rapidly, we figured it HAD to be the shrimp! Shrimp would have been so much easier to avoid. I'm quite overwhelmed right now, thinking about how many more foods this excludes and how much trickier eating away from home has just gotten...I know this is a PA forum, but does anyone have any good info on egg allergy? I've checked FAAN's website already. Our appt to see the allergist again isn't for a month and I have so many questions...Like, I've read it's rare to have anaphylaxis from egg- does this mean he's less likely to outgrow it?

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By Ashley5473 on Fri, 01-15-10, 21:39

I'm so sorry it's egg! In some ways it would be easier (in my opinion) to avoid shrimp or even peanut...I think there is still a likelihood that egg can be outgrown - especially from this age...My dd outgrew milk, soy, and wheat by the time she was 3. I have always been told that she will probably not outgrow the nuts or pet dander, though...I have heard those two stick around, but for some reason I am under the impression egg can be outgrown.

My dd's first reaction to peanuts took about 1 1/2 hours to start, too. Once it started it all happened so fast so I was just dumbfounded! I couldn't imagine how she may have gotten ahold of something allergenic. When we got home that night I realized that my hubby had bought pb breakfast bars and she had had one before I had woken up.

Your baby's allergy sounds very serious the way you described it. Did he get an EpiPen? Can they even give EpiPens to babies :-(

Good luck and hang in there!

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By Michaels Mom on Sat, 01-16-10, 02:08

You have no idea how much I wish it were shrimp! Avoiding egg and peanut (my 3 yo is PA) is a bit overwhelming. You hit the nail on the head,though- the scariest part of the whole thing (in retrospect) is the delay in the symptoms beginning. If we weren't at a family gathering, he would have been put to bed before they began. The coughing wasn't so much to be alarming. It was the swollen eyes that first got our attention. I'm not sure if we would have heard the wheezing in the monitor. God was with us! I'm a wreck now though! I run for every cough and panic at every hive! I accidently wake the poor kid up almost nightly, trying to get a good look at him while he's sleeping!
You are right about egg. Our allergist says egg is the most likely to be outgrown. Praying really hard! We were prescribed an epi pen jr...I was a little surprised both boys would get the same dose...I forget what the upper weight limit is on the jr...

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By BestAllergySites on Tue, 01-19-10, 19:16

Sorry to hear it was egg. Egg really is a difficult one. More difficult than peanut in my opinion.

My son is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, EGG, sesame and whole soy.

A couple of things regarding egg--

1. You can be anaphylactic--my son is and his skin prick and rast scores are quite low. In fact our allergist was going to do a food challenge until he had a severe reaction to a cookie with egg in it.

2. They "say" many will outgrow. My son is 6 and not even close yet. They used to say by 4-5, now they say 8-10.

Lastly--while difficult, it is possible to avoid egg. We home bake a lot. Check out the recipe section on Best Allergy Sites. And feel free to ask me any questions personally--I really do know what you are going through.

There are days where I say I would take the peanut over the egg any time. You'll get used to it! :)

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By Michaels Mom on Wed, 01-20-10, 00:36

Don't I remember you saying you eat out often? How do you manage that with egg allergy? "May contains" aside there are many restuarants that do not have actual peanuts on site, but EGG- everyone has egg! Do you just bring food from home for your son? I can only imagine my 3 yo's reaction if we went to a rest. and I whipped out something from home! Parties and family gatherings are hard enough!
I also seem to remember you saying you used Cherry Brook Kitchen baking mixes. Our local grocery stores only carry a few varities (most of them gluten free, which we don't need to avoid). The chocolate chips cookies were surprisingly wonderful. Do you know if their cake mix has decent rise and texture? So far we've made one stab at homemade with egg replacer and it was the saddest batch of pancakes- ever! I had thought switching to bisquick healthy hard was hard to swallow!
One last question- I also plan on asking my allergist on the next visit...How common is the 2 hour delay before a severe reaction? That's what has me losing the most sleep!
Thanks for all of your help and support! Heather

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By BestAllergySites on Wed, 01-20-10, 01:46

Heather--eating out often is relative. We probably eat out or get take out 1-2 times a week. I guess that is pretty often.

With regard to egg-my son is allergic to it in baked goods, whole egg, and raw egg--at least he's had reactions with those forms of egg.

He can however tolerate traces and small amounts as in the pizza place we go to puts 1 egg to 25 lbs of flour for crust--which makes something like 30 pizzas.

So to answer your question--when eating out we avoid foods with egg, we mention ALL our allergies--but we don't worry about trace amounts with egg.

My son is 6 so he typically gets mac and cheese, pasta, pizza, hot dogs, bagels, etc. when out. We find it doable. Still a pain--but doable.

As far as cherrybrook--have not made the gluten free but we find the non gluten free cakes rise well and taste great. Unfortunately 1 box only makes an 8-9 inch layer--not a double layer cake or 13 by 9 inch cake.

Regarding delay in reactions--when my son was 1.5-2 and not speaking well--we did not know he was allergic to egg. He did not have obvious symptoms. In hindsight they were obvious..like spitting the food out, rubbing his tongue, etc.

Now some of his reactions have been quite severe--usually within 20 min. I can't say how common a delay is--obviously giving benadryl will delay any reaction. I do know that some people have delayed reactions--how common--again I can't say. I'm not sure there has been a study on it.

Oh--and boxed powdered egg replacer does NOT work in my opinion. We use applesauce, or veg/canola oil as an egg replacer.

For pancakes we get a mix that does not require eggs. I forget the name but I think it's arrowhead mills


Hope that helps! :)

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