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A 9yr old little boy died today after eating something w/o warning label containing peanuts

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By Mach5AR on Fri, 05-21-10, 03:29

I am feeling very sad...a 9yr old little boy has died today from eating something that did not have a warning that it contained or may contain peanuts, which a Peanut Detection Service Dog would have caught and prevented his death. It is troubling that the law is written in wording that only covers actual ingredients not cross-contamination possibilities and that these Service Dogs are not covered by insurance. Thank God for Jacki Barbieri of http://www.lagotto.info/ and Sonia Lopez of http://www.twobytwolagotto.com/ who are partnering to help families in need of Peanut Detection Service Dogs.

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By B3K on Fri, 05-21-10, 15:23

Oh no, how very sad, my heart is sick. My PA son is also 9 and I can not even imagine! Does anyone have a service dog? I would like to hear more about them from someone who has one. May God give strength to the little boys family.

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By Mach5AR on Sat, 05-22-10, 02:52

We were very depressed about this, knowing we really needed a Peanut Detection Service Dog, but not being able to afford to pay for it. We found out that one of the dog trainers were trying to set up a non-profit to help families, but they had 2,000+ families waiting at www.angelservicedogs.com and we just couldn't wait years for a dog. We began exploring other options and spoke to a friend of the family who did some dog training and told her what we were looking for any why. Her site is http://everydaydogs.com/ . She did some research for us and turned up the dog she thought would be the ideal dog for what we were looking for: a dog with a really great nose and allergy friendly for my highly dog allergic boys. It turned out to be the Lagotto Romagnolo breed from Italy. We began researching the dog and breeders and found one in Missouri who wanted to help us after we explained our situation. She is at http://www.lagotto.info/ or call at (317)750-1995 and her name is Jacki Barbieri. There is also another breeder/trainer involved now in Georgia at http://www.twobytwolagotto.com/ and her name is Sonia Lopez and together with Jacki they are partnering to help families like us afford these wonderful dogs to make our children's life a safer place. You can email me at [email protected] and I will give you my phone number. You can speak to my wife who has spoken quite a lot with Jacki and ask her questions as well. I know Jacki get bombarded with calls and emails daily so it may be easier to talk to my wife first if you want, but do what you are comfortable with. It is your child ultimately at risk that we are talking about. Anything else please let me know. I am also on Twitter @peanutdog4twins

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By B3K on Sun, 05-23-10, 00:53

Thank You for taking the time to inform all of us on more details about theese life saving dogs, I am sure they are in high demand. I will e-mail soon so that I could talk to your wife, I appreciate your willingness to share the information.

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By Jennifer-is-always-sick on Sat, 11-06-10, 21:19

I've never heard of these dogs before! That is very interesting. Unfortunately, my allergies and asthma wouldn't allow for a dog in our home. I even react to the hypoallergenic ones. Yeah...pretty sad.

Even sadder, though, is the little boy who died. That's so horrible! I didn't know there weren't mandates about ingredient labels. I see so many warnings on the labels with these warnings that I just assumed. I guess I'm not as informed as I thought!

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By Theresa.K on Fri, 04-13-12, 01:43

I haven't heard about these dogs before! I think they are a fantastic idea though.
I am very sorry to hear about this young boy, its truly a tragedy. I never even question things that don't say may contain on the label. I think from now on though I will be a little more cautious. My nephew was just diagnosed with a PA as well and I am going to pass this on to his mom.
Thank you for sharing this story. My prayers go out to the family.

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