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Watch out for imported foods.

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By PANewbie on Fri, 10-08-10, 02:53

My mother in law recently got my daughter a "hello kitty" japanese food product at the local Japanese supermarket.

We found the translated label did not list all the ingredients. If my mother in law didn't read Japanese or look at the original Japanese label, we could have been in trouble.

I'm wondering how often this kind of mistake occurs. I intend to be leary from now on of imported foods from any country, where the US Distibutor must read the food label in the original language, translate it, and relabel it correctly.

The good news is the food distributor was immediately responsive when I reported it. They said they'd call me back and I thought "yea, right". But sure enough, 1/2 hour later they called my back and said that yes the product did contain the allergen and it was missed on the translated label. They told me they were immediately recalling the product.

Has any one else had experience with this? Thankfully, the distributor was very responsive, because the local FDA customer rep didn't deal with type of issue too often.

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By Jennifer-is-always-sick on Sat, 11-06-10, 21:39

I don't generally purchase foreign foods, but I think it's wonderful that the company took your situation seriously and responded immediately to it. I realize that this post is old, but I just wanted to say that. You don't usually see that now-a-days. People tend to blow you off.

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By zeena2 on Sun, 11-07-10, 21:30

I don't purchase foreign foods either, other than Canada. They have different guidelines than the US. I do purchase from Peanut Free Planet that has items made in Canada.

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By Jennifer-is-always-sick on Tue, 11-23-10, 23:12

For some silly reason, I didn't include Canada as foreign. lol I buy Canadian food as well.

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