Peanut - Pillsbury Cookies - Many flavors

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By Ashley5473 on Wed, 12-23-09, 20:47

This is properly labeled, but I would have never thought....Pillsbury's sugar cookies in the refrigerated section are made with peanut flour - READ EVERY LABEL this holiday...I may not have read it if dd wasn't also allergic to cottonseed oil :-O


I checked tonight at the grocery store and ALLLL flavors of the refrigerated cookie dough contained peanut flour and/or tree nut flour. The type I looked at were the kind where the dough is sectioned into squares that you break apart into cubes and bake. I didn't look at the "tube" type where you slice off cookies...

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By Septemberrayne on Fri, 12-25-09, 23:34

Really? I read the label. Did not see anything about peanut flour.

I knew to watch out since they make peanut butter premixed dough. Made A batch of sugar cookies for the daycare my child went to. They had a new teacher in the class that was not aware of her allergies, and she gave my child a cookie.

There was no reaction.

Are you sure you did not see it as possible allergens?

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By Septemberrayne on Sat, 12-26-09, 03:44

I in no way shape or form meant to be offensive... I am just concerned that yet another thing may be added to the " can not eat" list in this house hold.

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By Ashley5473 on Sun, 12-27-09, 23:08

No, I am positive. I am sure they have some that are made with regular flour and those made with peanut flour because I've found it without before, too. I found another post online from a woman in 2006 where she was upset about it. I wrote to pillsbury about it because it is pretty nerve-wracking to have to worry about homemade sugar cookies, now. :(

Hopefully they will stop making them...but read every label from was one of the first couple of ingredients. I scanned to the end after (to make sure it was declared) and it said contains peanut, wheat, etc...

Keep an eye out!

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By Ashley5473 on Sun, 12-27-09, 23:14

No offense, btw! ;)

This woman who wrote this about it (two years ago) checked all the Pillsbury labels at a store and noted that some had it and some don't...which I think makes it all the worse because it is so easy to get comfortable with Pillsbury if you think it's safe..I'll update y'all if I ever get a reply to my email...

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By Septemberrayne on Mon, 12-28-09, 00:28

Yeah, that is misleading for sure.

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By Ashley5473 on Mon, 12-28-09, 05:40

Update: I was looking for the ingredients online and found that some of their chocolate chip dough has peanut flour too, which sucks...I guess I can officially take Pillsbury off of my safe-ish list.

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By jomama723 on Thu, 07-29-10, 10:39

I know the ready to bake cookies contained peanut flour but the sugar cookie roll did not. I still read every label because you never know when it could change.

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By zeena2 on Thu, 09-09-10, 22:48

I haven't found any ready to bake cookies that are safe for someone with a peanut allergy. They all have warnings on them.

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