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Fish Allergy Alert

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By BestAllergySites on Tue, 09-29-09, 15:43


September 28, 2009

Pampanga Food Corporation is recalling “Pampanga Skinless Sausage Cooked
Cured Pork Longanisa” due to undeclared fish.

The product was distributed to retail stores nationwide.

The 10-oz. frozen packages bear codes “03043” to “03790” and number “EST.
405” inside the USDA mark of inspection.

Consumers with questions may call (714) 773-0537.

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By stepsaver on Tue, 10-27-09, 23:10

Hello, I have a question on behalf of a young woman who lives in my home. She is allergic to fish, I assumed food products and she is, but she also says she is allergic to live fish as well, as in a home aquarium. I have searched the internet for information on this and nothing, so I looked for an allergy board and here I am. Does anyone have any information on this, or is it a tall tale? Thanks for any feedback.

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By nonutsforus on Wed, 10-28-09, 14:14

My daughter is allergic to fish also...we have had fish in the past here as far as pets and the fact that they are in the house is not a problem, but she is unable to handle or smell the fish food. She broke out in hives one day from it after she fed the fish. Hope that helps you:)

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By BestAllergySites on Thu, 10-29-09, 18:17

Stepsaver-I think anything is possible. I'm not an allergist but I'd need to know more.

As in, is she allergic by touching the fish or just entering a home that has an aquarium?

If it's just by entering a home-the first thing that comes to mind is the filtration system, potential mold, and the possibility of that system spewing mold or some protein-be it from the fish or fish waste into the air.

If it's a scent thing, it's possible there is a protein in the air from the fish or fish waste or that her allergy is so severe that even the smell for her is psychological and then causes symptoms be they false or not.

Does that make sense? Again, I'm not an allergist and I haven't heard such a thing nor do I have experience with it. Just offering suggestions.


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