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By jordnoeddeallerg on Fri, 03-26-10, 14:18

Hi All,

I just wanted to share with you that after almost a years of correspondence with Lufthansa I finally on Feb 25th received an email from Monika Machetanz, Director of Global Ground Products and Lounges, where she informs us that she has asked all lounge managers to review their snacks and if they serve peanut then find alternatives.

They still do serve nuts but they have promised to gradually remove peanuts from their worldwide lounges within the next couple of months.

For my family it is a victory as we will finally be able to use their lounges like other paying passengers, without getting sick. It all started last Summer when I got very ill in a Lufthansa lounge.

Happy Weekend!

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By jordnoedder on Mon, 06-14-10, 20:45

- and I just learned today that Lufthansa has stopped serving peanuts and nuts onboard of their flights. I called Lufthansa today to order nut free and peanut free meals and the agent said he needed to talk to his manager and returned saying that Lufthansa no longer serve nuts and peanuts on their flights nor in their meals - but they don't guarantee a nut free flight (typical waiver stuff).

However, this will make flying Lufthansa much easier in the future

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By Mach5AR on Tue, 06-15-10, 03:11

Well that's one down and many more to go....

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By sidni on Tue, 07-20-10, 18:33

I have had only good experiences with Lufthansa in the past, but this makes it even easier!

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