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Flying in less than two weeks... Questions... Please advise

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By twinsmom on Tue, 05-11-10, 15:43

I have twin 11yo who are pa/tn/egg/shellfish (among lots of others) allergic.

We will be flying on US Airways (don't serve peanuts)

My question is what type of documentation does everyone take and my children are on lots of medications has anyone ran into problems with TSA boarding etc?

I am planning on pre-boarding to wipe down everything - what about plastic gloves and masks - is this overdoing it?

All your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much!
in Alaska

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By B3K on Wed, 05-12-10, 11:27

When we have flown we just keep all of our Rx in the original boxes/bottles with info on it and have had no problem, ( you might want to call the airlines and check with them) we also wipe everything down and the stewardes has made announcements to the other passengers that there is a P/A on board and please refrain from eating them, I have to admit this does not stop everyone, some dont pay attention to announcement, some don't get it ( but some do) we keep our eyes pealed and would insist on being moved if someone around us would eat nuts or peanut butter. good luck and have fun!

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By islandgirl on Tue, 05-18-10, 05:47

We travel often and have never even taken our EpiPens or albuderal out of our carry on bag. Also, any item that is RX is an exception to the TSA 1 qt. bag. As far as the need for a mask and gloves you should check with your doctor. VERY few ppl had food allergies that react to contact or inhaling particles but be sure your child is not one of the few.

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By HookwormIsHope on Sun, 10-17-10, 04:59

Plastic gloves and masks would feel and look a little awkward, but is that really relevant when it's life or death? I've never travelled by plane before(in my 12 years of life) due to my PA, so could not tell you what issues you may encounter...But my best wishes to you and your sons!!!!

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By mnhockeymom63 on Mon, 10-25-10, 21:46

We just flew Minneapolis to Orange County and the TSA at both locations doesn't even want it taken out of purses....good choice on airlines I just flew Delta and will never do that again

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By TXmama on Sun, 12-05-10, 06:04

We have flown both Southwest and Continental. My son is a +5 to ALL tree nuts, peanuts, oils, etc, meaning allergic with skin contact. I take a sheet to place over the seat then over the lap belt after it is fastened. You can wipe down the armrests and such, but cannot ensure the same level of sterility with fabric. No need to call ahead of time, if you arrive in a reasonable manner. Tell the gate agent that you have a peanut allergy. They will let you pre-board. They will serve all peanut free snacks and ask other passengers to refrain from eating such products. If they do not do these things, ask them to, as though you expect it. Some agents seem to be less aware of protocol than others.

I would think gloves and mask would be overdoing it, unless of course they are allergic with air exposure in which case, more precaution should be taken. We keep Epipens in the labeled boxes while traveling and the Benadryl in the single dose applicators. I also carry a copy of the physician's action plan at all times. (Of course, I still carry copies of my children's adoption papers too when traveling though they are 6 and 8 and both adopted at birth ;-)). One gate agent did examine my son's medical alert bracelet; maybe they have had people lie, who knows?

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