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Delta is dangerous and unpredictable

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By carriem on Tue, 03-13-12, 17:05

We have flown Delta in the past and they were quite accommodating of our daughter's peanut allergy with the 24 hours notice. They served pretzels instead of peanuts.

Now, they are stuck on the "we can't guarantee a peanut free flight" legal mumbo-jumbo and act like they cannot control what snacks are served on scheduled flights. The buffer zone is completely ridiculous and dangerous -- a person with a deadly peanut allergy can easily have a reaction if 20 rows opening bags of peanuts in the tube of uncirculated air!! Peanut dust can be inhaled and cause reactions!!! And what if the people in the buffer zone want peanuts after seeing the rest of the passengers eating them? Will the flight attendant tell them that they can't have them because a person sitting near them has an allergy - then my daughter becomes the most hated person on the plane!

Of course we can't control what the private passengers bring on board - the announcement may help -- adn we know that there may be residue on the seats, etc. But serving bags of peanuts during a flight can kill someone!!!!

They can control their snacks. They can choose NOT to serve pretzels. And I have found that everyone I speak to from the airlines personally disapproves of the buffer zone policy. Every one of them.

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