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Any tips for eating on international flight to Switzerland?

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By tamingofthesue on Sat, 01-07-12, 16:55

Taking my daughter to Switzerland and probably flying delta. I can not find any info on the ingredients of what is served onboard international flight. Any suggestions?

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By Julie O on Mon, 01-09-12, 02:11

I flew last summer to Ireland with a peanut allergy. I called the airline prior to the flight and told them that I was allergic. They gave me the standard response that they cannot control what other people consume on the plane, however they did code my boarding pass as "special medical need" which allowed us to board early and my husband was able to wipe down the seat armrests and tray table. I take an Allegra 180 before I board and I don't touch any of the things in the pocket. I made it there and back with no problems. Most of the food served was labeled so I could choose to eat it or not. I brought my own snacks for peace of mind. I also recently flew on Frontier and alerted the flight crew when I boarded. They did a whole plane request to refrain from peanut product consumption during the flight. First time that has happened...but I was most grateful.

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