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Unsafe (alcoholic) beverages?

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By p8nt on Sun, 05-23-10, 04:10

I've searched and searched but cannot seem to find a good resource on unsafe (for peanut and tree nut allergies) alcoholic beverages or the threads that many of you have mentioned contain these lists. Can someone either link me to a good resource, the thread, or help build a new one?

• Amaretto
• Frangelico
• Bombay Sapphire Gin
• Horchata

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By CJChiO on Mon, 05-24-10, 02:01

I am a beer drinker myself, but I used to have alist of safe liquers...I will try to find it.

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By sidni on Tue, 06-22-10, 04:55

I am a bartender! Hopefully this will help...

I have heard of people with nut allergies reacting to Harp beer, but I have never tried it.There are plenty of beers that are "nut-brown" and similar-- don't know what is really in them, but I avoid it.

-Creme d'amande, de noix, & de noyaux are nut based liqueurs. Nocello and Nocino are walnut flavored.
-Amadeus from Austria is a nut based alcohol- almond, I think.
- There is an almond version of Galliano, but usually you just encounter the regular one (vanilla flavored).

A list from Wikipedia:
Amaretto (almonds, or the almond-like kernels from apricots, peaches, cherries, or similar stone fruits)
Bellota (acorns)
Dumante (pistachio)
Dwersteg's Organic Amaretto Liqueur (organic liqueur with distillate from almond kernels)
Frangelico (hazelnuts and herbs)
Kahana Royale (macadamia nut)
Nocello (walnut and hazelnut)
Nocino (unripe green walnuts)
Castries Peanut Rum Creme (peanut)
Peanut Lolita (peanut)
Ratafia (brandy flavored with almonds, fruit, or fruit kernels - also a flavored biscuit)

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By Montanamoxie on Thu, 07-15-10, 15:41

Thanks Sidni. That's really helpful! I knew about Amaretto and Frangelico being off-limits for me, but the others were new. Now if only we could get bars to stop serving peanuts with the drinks! :)

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By CJChiO on Mon, 07-19-10, 00:30

I found this site:

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By sidni on Mon, 07-19-10, 15:11

Ok, I read that list and just want to make a couple comments... My nut allergies are pretty dramatic and even trace amounts cause reactions (I don't even like to serve drinks with frangelico or amaretto, although I will do so very carefully)

I work for Jägermeister. I have consumed copious amounts of this stuff. If there were nuts in it, I would surely be dead 10x over. Author wrote: "WARNING Jägermeister – also contains a large number of herbs, fruits, spices etc. That’s too many for me. Jäger is common in mixed drinks, especially drinks that have reputations as NOT “girly” drinks. Some people add Jäger to Long Island Iced Tea." FYI Jäger is NOT a correct ingredient in an LI iced tea, and MANY bars use a crappy pre-mix.

--- A proper LI iced tea contains gin, vodka, tequila, rum, triple sec, coke, and bar mix. Be wary of this drink anyway- gin can certainly contain nuts, and I have seen several bar mixes/sour mixes with "hydrolyzed vegetable protein" and other weird random "vegetable" additives.

Vermouth: Author wrote: "Vermouth – (technically a wine) vermouth is infused with “botanicals,” who knows what that means. Vermouth is spritzed over martinis."
1. vermouth is not 'spritzed over martinis' (sorry!), and I do not react to Cinzano vermouth... so my guess would be you won't either.

Maraschino Cherries: Author wrote: "Maraschino cherries contain almond, and some bartenders like to add cherries or cherry juice unexpectedly. Explain why cherries are a bad idea when ordering your drinks."
This isn't always true either. Usually behind the bar there is a big jar of these used to restock what you have out for easy access, ingredients are listed, and they normally contain sugar and color... Occassionally, some contain almond something-or-other, but I have never worked somewhere that the cherries were unsafe... And almonds are a BIG SCARY allergy for me...

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By CJChiO on Sat, 07-24-10, 01:18

Thanks for clearing that up Sidni:)

What types of vermouth have you had? I'm trying to find one that other people have used. :) What about Sours mix?

I'm trying to get the bar stocked for my wedding, and need those :)

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By sidni on Sat, 07-24-10, 07:51

Vermouth, I have used Cinzano, it is pretty standard.

Sour mix/bar mix I generally avoid because of what I mentioned above (hydrolyze veg protein, often in ingredients)... But it is REALLY easy to make. 50-50 sugar syrup and lemon/lime juice (you can use only lemon if you like, or do 50-50 lemon/lime)... sugar syrup is made by dissolving 1 cup sugar into 1 cup water, just put it in a bottle and shake it... there are methods that involve cooking, but this is the way most bars do it, super easy :)

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By binababy on Sat, 08-28-10, 01:01

What about wines? Anyone know?

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By FrancisB on Wed, 07-27-11, 16:45

I'm still pretty new to Alcoholic beverages, so here's the deal : I have a severe allergy to peanuts and nuts and wanted to buy some Bourbon or Whiskey to try and make an Old Fashioned.

I'm NOT making the variant with Maraschino cherries, as I know they may contain almonds, so I'm going to use an orange zest instead.

So I was going to buy some Maker's Mark bourbon (Im not allergic to wheat or rye) and wanted to see if anyone is using the stuff.

I drink Rhum and Vodka, but never tried bourbon or whiskey.

Oh, and I'm new here and will report on my new experiences (started travelling, might have some insight !)

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By pwdfan on Tue, 01-10-12, 15:25

There is a peanut Vodka on the market.
Saw an add but forgot the name of it.
It will probably come up if you google it.
I looked:

Nut Liquor is a 69-Proof (34.5% Alcohol by Volume) peanut butter vodka produced by Rich Hellner’s Pandora Spirits LLC in Temperance, Michigan USA.

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By Michaela on Sat, 12-15-12, 04:47

I am also a bartender and am very allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, legumes, so I typically stay way from any kind of mixed drinks containing anything more than whiskey and coke or whiskey and lime. As was said way up at the top if there was any nut residue in Jaegermeister I'd also be dead. A given to stay away from is gin, any type of gin. I have always been told that gin was refined with almonds, and no one has ever told me different.

I love beer however, and I can say that if you have any doubts about craft brews you should call them to get some information. I am in Ontario and the bar I work for carries a lot of Toronto-area craft beers...many stouts and ales that are pitched to have a "nutty" quality.

By meganrose1 on Fri, 07-25-14, 14:06

This post was so long ago but if anyone could help that would be ideal:
So I saw above to avoid all types of gin, and heard that Pimms No 1. is gin based. Having never actually had Pimms before, I wondered if there's any problem with this as well considering it contains gin?
May or may not be a stupid question but any help would be great

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