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By PABlondie on Tue, 09-21-10, 19:27

has anyone with a peanut / nut allergy gotten a tattoo and had a reaction to the ink ??

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By ang153555 on Thu, 10-14-10, 03:10

I'm so glad someone else is asking this! I'm highly allergic to peanuts (with a few other allergies and intolerances) and want a tattoo so bad. When my sister got hers I asked the tattoo artist about ink ingredients. He was so nice and didn't think I was crazy at all (because I know MANY people would think.."What?! Peanuts in ink?! You weirdo"). He said one of the ingredients was Vegetable Glycerin and he wouldn't recommend me getting inked until I found out the source of that. The only problem is, many inks are secret formulas. Please let me know if you get any info on this and/or know of any safe inks. Thanks!!


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By HookwormIsHope on Sat, 11-06-10, 16:41

Well, I hope this is nothing serious with PA cause I plan on getting a tattoo!

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By Dark Lady B on Wed, 06-15-11, 11:07

From what I was told when I got my first tattoo last Saturday, there are no ingredients in tattoo ink that would trigger a reaction in someone who has a peanut allergy. The allergies that are really a concern with this is allergies to latex, soaps, metals(though reactions related to contact dermatitis are quite rare, except for red ink tattoos), and antibiotics.

This is due to the fact that tattoo inks usually are made out of metals and non-organic chemicals.

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By ojennilee on Tue, 02-21-12, 04:47

I read about there not being any allergens in black ink, however, i am allergic to mine. Its particularly bad when i accidentally eat peas or peanuts, which im allergic to. I researched a bit after i realized this and discovered that one of the common sources for the pigment in black ink is a member of the legume family. It is VERY unpleasant when your tattooss turn into hives that itch so bad and turn into scabby sores. Hope its not too late!!! Im on this topic because i accidentally ate veggies that had snap peas in the mix. Didnt actually eat one, but im an itchy mess and have hives that are literally th outline of my tattoos again!!

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By shannonlyy on Thu, 09-05-13, 21:51

I have a severe peanut/nut allergy - as well as being allergic to eggs, seafood, and several other small things. I have three tattoos and have never encountered an issue during the process or after (aside from the pain, of course =D)

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By rlharz on Tue, 09-10-13, 01:53

I have a severe peanut/tree nut/ soy/ beans/ legumes and shellfish allergy.
I have one tattoo, in black ink and there was absolutely no problems.

When healing, tattoos tend to itch and flake anyway, but other than that it healed fine and I never felt and symptoms.

It's on my ribs, if that makes a difference...

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By dodgergirl559 on Sat, 10-18-14, 16:54

I got a tattoo not long ago (not my first.. I have 7) but this time I did have an allergic reaction .. the tattoo artist and myself are not sure what caused it. This is the first one I have gotten after my allergies started. Im allergic to a lot more then just nuts and slowly finding this out, but it acted as it does when I am exposed to nuts.. I do plan on trying again, but we are going to use the ink in a small area and see what happens.

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