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Regarding Employment with the CAF, A little story.

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By Juice on Tue, 05-18-10, 04:25

Juice here,

I am now 20 years old, my entire life I had wanted to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces. It wasn't just a boy thing really, but I admired all the work we do as peacekeepers and always wanted an active job that let me travel and kept me out of an office. When I was 18 years old, I had an opportunity to do so in High School through co-op. It was my last year and it seemed to me, a great opportunity. I took it.

Now, for nearly half a year I had asked the Recruiting office several times if they allowed people with peanut allergies in. Each time I received a yes, I didn't think much of it. Seeing as their a Government branch you figure they would be informed. The day came where we finally had our medical and physical testing. I arrived fifteen minutes early to the testing, much to the Corporal's delight. Filled out the applications perfectly and was ready and prepared to finish my testing.

I got into the medic first after doing the aptitude testing; and he asked me all the regular questions about how I was physically; any allergies or asthma. Now, I only have one MAJOR allergy. And, for those who guessed. Yes, it is Peanuts. So I told the medic and he promptly told me that I wasn't allowed in, no exceptions. I even asked for an exception, pleaded even. But, its policy, they cannot budge.

So I left the office that day, the majority of what I had considered my dream in life crushed in under 5 minutes. I look back at it now, laugh and think of how funny it was that it was crushed so quickly. But a part of me still wonders what it would be like.


I looked further into this issue, and found that most Military Forces. Whether it be US, Canadian or European generally do not allow anyone with any kind of allergy that can inhibit their basic breathing process' and/or training to a substantial and life threatening point to actually participate. I want to share this with all of you because its something I know that I alone do not share; many others have a similar dream or desire. And I do not want yourself, or your children to have to go through the experience I did with it.

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