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Help Me...Please.....

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By bennettryanmom on Fri, 02-13-09, 03:43

Hi Everyone....

I am 35, and so new to this.....Saturday I had my very first reaction to raw pnuts. It happened so fast, I almost didn't know what was happening....In about 2 mins, my eyes just about swelled shut, my nose became congested and runny, my lips swelled, and I think my lungs became congested (hard to tell, I was getting over a cold)......I took Benedryl, and it started to get better....took some more befor bed, and by morning, all swelling in my eyes was gone....First question....If I had had an epi pen at that point, should I have used it?? I went to the allergist and was skin tested, and came back positive for pnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and pears....I was BOMBARDED with information....but I don't know how much to really take in....Do I REALLY need a medical id bracelet?? Do I really need to avoid anything that was made in a plant that also processes products with pnuts.....should I get rid of ALL pnut products in my house?? My daughter LOVES Pbj sandwiches!!! How do I go from eating nuts and pnutbutter to not?? After 35 years, now I have to quit my favorite food cold turkey?? Why is this happening all of the sudden......for instance the same night I had the reaction....3 hours prior, I was eating pnut m&ms....no reaction (that I know of), then WHAM...I am hit with a severe reaction??!! Has this happened to anyone else?? Help me figure out how to live with this......ALSO.....I'm already being doubted by people....2 days into this new allergy, and people think I'm overreacting...how do you deal with that?? How after 35 years do I convince people that I can die if I am exposed to something that I ate just last week!!


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By saknjmom on Fri, 02-13-09, 13:12

Hi, I'm sorry you had such a scary reaction. I know some people with adult onset allergies. It seems to be happening more and more. I am acquainted with several people with adult onset allergies.

First of all, my allergist recommends that if 2 systems are affected skin, respiratory, GI etc, you should do epi pen. So, in your situation it would have been an epi pen moment.

Benadryl doesn't have lifesaving properties. It can make you more comfortable if you are itchy etc, but once your blood pressure starts to drop, epinephrine is all that's going to help you.

I would suggest that you read about labeling, about hidden sources of peanuts and that you forget any naysayers. Peanut allergies are very serious.

You need to work on establishing a new comfort zone. You may need to remove pb from your home to avoid xcontamination. There are substitutes like Sunbutter that are safe for peanut and tree nut allergic individuals.

I would get a medic alert bracelet so that if you're ever in distress, you could be helped. Medic alert is a great company and they normally recommend you put what the allergy is, instructions to call 911 with a number. They can give paramedics/doctors information on your file.

Hang in there!

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