genentech xolair pa trials starting back up

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By muzzy on Thu, 09-28-06, 23:00

found this info here [url=""][/url]

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By starlight on Fri, 09-29-06, 00:10

Argh, it's only for people who were previously enrolled in the study [img][/img]

Not that it actually matters in my case since they won't let you participate if you have a personal history of cancer. Despite my research background, it never even occured to me I'd get excluded because I'm a cancer survivor. I totally understand why, since they wouldn't know if a recurrance was due to the medication or my own misfortune. But I really wanted to be in a trial of *something* to help PA at some point (for selfish reasons, I just want to eat Little Debbies and SnoCaps again). I guess that won't happen. [img][/img]

But don't get me wrong, it's awesome that the study is restarting, I hope it works!

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