Garden City Foods - Rollups, Pita, Sweet Muffins

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By falcon on Thu, 06-30-05, 16:45

Just found out that Roll-ups, Pita Bread, Lavish Square bread,and Sweet Muffins made by Garden City Foods are made in a peanut/nutfree and sesame free facility!!!

They are available at Whole Foods Stores. Not sure where else.

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By Yonit on Fri, 07-01-05, 02:29

falcon - that is great news -- can you post any contact information? Thanks.

Edit: Just found the link with contact info - [url=""][/url] - I'll try to call tomorrow. It's always good to confirm, especially asI saw they have a bread with nuts.

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By falcon on Sat, 07-02-05, 02:26

The person I spoke to was awesome. He didn't know about the cross contamination, so he said he would find out and call me right back. He did within 5 minutes and was as excited as I was!!! Apparently nothing with peanuts, nuts, or sesame is made at the place where the roll ups, sweet muffins, etc. are made. Please post if you hear differently. Thanks!

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