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On another post I saw notation that some children have been reacting to dogs licking them. The possibility of an allergy to dog is possible plus a...
Just thought I would post a hopeful note to find someone out there in the same situation as I am with my PA son. He is 10 and severly peanut...
I have a seven year old who is allergic to peanuts as well as eggs and several medications. I have learned through the years that peanuts can be in...
Hi.. We want to leave Brady for the first time since her peanut diagnosis (with a trusted friend who is a nurse and understands the severity of...
Hi! I have a daughter who is 4 now but I discovered her peanut/nut allergy when she was only 13 mos. old! She is my 4th child and along with the...
I would like to know when the next meeting is, i was supposed to be there earlier this month but could not attend thank you in advance...
Hello to you all! My daughter was recently diagnosed with a PA thru a skin test (unfortunatly we had already learned the "hard way" via an english...
In case you haven't noticed, Kelloggs now has two new flavors of Rice Krispies Treats: Peanut Butter Chocolate and Cocoa Flavored. My husband said...
I would encourage everyone to financially supoort this site, no matter how small that donation might be. I also encourage you to read Chris' post...

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