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I've just received a response from the Quaker Oats Company (Regina Stevenson, Sr. Analyst, Consumer Communications) as follows: "In an effort to...
My son (22 mos)was skin tested for peanuts last spring. He has never eaten a peanut. Next week I want my doctor to do a RAST test. I have heard of...
I called the Hersey company today to ask about the labeling on their "Mounds" candy bar. No where on there was a "May contain nuts" note. I decided...
We are looking for documented cases If you have had a reaction and there is paper work on it (ambulance, hospital ...), please contact us and send...
Hi! My school advisory council is wrestling with the peanut policy right now. Does anyone have any examples of school policy statements they can...
Check out [url="http://www.allerband.com"]www.allerband.com[/url] for eye-catching new food allergy alert bracelets. [This message has been...
Just want to relate what happened to us at the mall this weekend. My PA son is 9, loves video games. We were at a store that had a setup where the...
Those of you that are for a ban/reduced risk in the schools: What do you think schools should do that have a student with an anaphylactic allergy to...
looking for support group in Baltimore Maryland.. Can anyone help! thanks Also looking for Pediatric Allergy specialist in Baltimore area. (who...
Nunavut ------------------ Stay Safe [email]"Chris@PeanutAllergy.Com"[/email]

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