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Hi i'm new here and i have a question about the scratch test. my three year old boy has had some strange reaction to peanuts and maybe almond. they...
I just recently turned 40. Last weekend I had strange discolorations and bumps appear on my face, with funny itchy tinglings all over. My doctor...
Hi Everyone! I don't have a very specific reason for posting today except that I am feeling very sorry for myself and very guilty. My son, Evan, is...
I have been trying to find out if there is a NY sate law regarding the locking up of epi pens. I have read on other threads that members have their...
Hi everyone I just got home from the grocery store and noticed another product called Betty Crocker Sodalicious snacks. They were offered in a combo...
If anyone is interested in starting a support group in L.I. let me know. Lidia
[url=""][/url] Stay Safe, ------------------ [...
All of the following links are to the same site, just different subjects: CONTACT SHEET FOR CHILDREN IN DAYCARES, PRESCHOOL, & SCHOOL: [url="...
Would be interested to hear from other parents in UK about their school policy regarding nut allergies. My daughter's school insists on keeping her...
please make sure you filled in the form completely. Someone has forgotten to tell me their name & address. Thanks!

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