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Hi everyone I just got home from the grocery store and noticed another product called Betty Crocker Sodalicious snacks. They were offered in a combo...
If anyone is interested in starting a support group in L.I. let me know. Lidia
[url=""][/url] Stay Safe, ------------------ [...
All of the following links are to the same site, just different subjects: CONTACT SHEET FOR CHILDREN IN DAYCARES, PRESCHOOL, & SCHOOL: [url="...
Would be interested to hear from other parents in UK about their school policy regarding nut allergies. My daughter's school insists on keeping her...
please make sure you filled in the form completely. Someone has forgotten to tell me their name & address. Thanks!
This Morning on CBS featured food allergies in the Health segment. The report was on all food allergies including peanuts. They showed the Epi-Pen...
Sorry, can't get it to work... [This message has been edited by Connie (edited June 22, 1999).]
L'OREAL products called L'Oreal Kids Shampoo that feature Fruity Apricot, Watermelon, and CHERRY ALMOND- contain almond extract, so there is also a...
I am a mom with three daughters who all have asthma, eczema and nut allergies and am trying to reach as many other parents/sufferes in UK as possible...

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