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frying oil in restaurants and allergins?

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By josh'smom on Wed, 05-31-06, 17:26

Do you worry about what has been fried in oil if you order french fries or chicken nuggets etc...? My husband says that I don't need to worry about allergins in the oil (not peanut oil) because the oil is so hot that all allergic protein would burn off. My DS who is 2 is allergic peanuts, eggs and peas. I always worry about fish and shellfish being fried in the same oil then french fries going in the same oil. I am just trying to avoid new allergies.

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By Corvallis Mom on Wed, 05-31-06, 17:38

Very sensitive people can EASILY get into trouble if allergen-containing foods are fried in the same oil. People have actually died from this type of cross-contamination.

I have had trouble with fish that has been fried in oil use for frying shrimp. People with fish allergies also have this problem at restaurants.

DD has had rxns (we think) to egg transferred from a breaded item into frying oil and then to an otherwise safe food. At Disney, the chef fried her french fries in [i]virgin frying oil[/i] for this reason.

Milk proteins are also a problem for anyone who is extremely sensitive to traces.

I would say if you don't react to cooked egg, then this risk is probably minimal-- but this is NOT the case for my DD.

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By McCobbre on Wed, 05-31-06, 22:41

Yes--which is why DS avoids anything fried at Macaroni Grill (they have a fried Snickers Bar).

I have a shellfish allergy and last fall ate three french fries that my husband brought home from Long John Silvers. Yuck anyway, but I hadn't had anything to eat. I had a bad reaction and discovered they also fry shrimp in the same oil.

DS reacts to the peanut oil used at Chick Fil A.

So oil is an issue, and the protein does not burn off. I wish it did, but my experience declares otherwise.

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By DJPorter on Thu, 06-01-06, 06:53

My most extreme reaction came from taking a bite of something fried in peanut oil. So don't assume something fried in peanut oil won't cause a reaction.

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