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Fried Turkey

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By Andy'sMom on Thu, 11-09-06, 02:24

My 14 month old son has multiple FA's and was diagnosed with a blood test at 6 months. Peanuts was his highest (3) and we have entirely eliminated them from our house. We have had accidents where he gets into something with other allergies and know what to expect however we have no idea how severe his peanut is. We learned the hard way that he is severly allergic to sesame (now have epipen) and have read that the reaction is common with severe peanut allergy. I'm concerned because my family wants a deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving and are telling me it has to be fried in peanut oil. It will be fried outside but I'm concerned about cross-contamination. Should I really be worried about this? and how do I handle the family? Until now they have been entirely understanding.

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By Daisy on Thu, 11-09-06, 02:50


I believe this comes up every year about this time. Yes, family can be quite helpful until a special recipe is at stake. With my family, it's sweet potato casserole...[i]It's just not the same with marshmallows. Whaaaa![/i] I think this, or just having the nuts chopped on the table, cooked in the oven, etc... probably contributed to my mild reaction last Thanksgiving.

We'll be staying home this year. Very thankful for my continued existence. Obviously food is more important than *life* to some families. Oh well...

BTW, canola oil is perfectly suitable for deep-fried turkey. Quite yummy. Will try to raise the other post.

And a caution: many housefires from fried turkey, as well as trips to the hospital.

Good luck,

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By ants mom on Thu, 11-09-06, 03:03

We fry a turkey every thanksgiving. We use regular Canola Oil/Vegetable Oil. It gets hot enough in the fryer and fries the turkey just as well (probably better...though I never had one fried in Peanut Oil).


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By krc on Thu, 11-09-06, 03:45

My inlaws wanted to do this last year also and thought it would be ok as long as they also baked a "safe" turkey breast for dd. I was adamantly against this. I explained the issue of x-cont and why I was uncomfortable. I told them if they fried turkey in peanut oil, we would not be able to attend. They found another oil that had the same factor(can't remember the exact wording but there are articles somewhere that explain what other oils can also get as hot as peanut- can't remember what this is called in oil terminology--something point?)
Anyway- I was very thankful inlaws substituted a different oil and the turkey was delicious. We have a very large family so I did get a few eyerolls about the whole ordeal but I didn't care. In the end it educated everyone a little more about how seriously we treat her allergy and that we can use substitutions.
They also substituted marshmallow and oatmeal for the sweet potato casserole and everyone LOVED it!

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By solarflare on Thu, 11-09-06, 04:18

Here are possible substitutions

peanut oil has a smoke point of 450 degrees F

other oils with smoke points of 450 degrees F or greater
corn, sunflower, extra light olive oil (468), rice bran oil (490), safflower oil, soybean oil

My research (via wikipedia and google) shows that most deep fried turkey recipes call for the oil temperature to be no higher than 350 degrees, and the most commonly suggested oils are peanut, safflower and canola due to their neutral flavor.

Canola oil should be just fine, and it's cheaper than peanut oil, and available in bulk quantities.

Cheryl, mom to Jason (9 MFA including peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and egg)
Joey (7 NKA)
Allison (3 MFA including milk, butternut squash, several fruits and suspected shellfish allergies, avoiding tree nuts, RAST - for peanut)
Ryan (born 12/27/05) nka *knock on wood*

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By amyd on Mon, 11-13-06, 19:34

I agree with the other posters... peanut oil is just commonly cited because it has a high smoke point and works well for deep frying, and lots of people like the taste of it, which is why it's become popular for this. But canola would be a great substitute ESPECIALLY when there's an allergy involved for cripes sake.

It might help to be armed with a few recipes. Here is one that is very traditional but at the bottom of the recipe it lists substitute oils. You can show this to any unbelieving relatives.


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By ajgauthier on Mon, 11-13-06, 21:10

One thing to point out is that the 'bulk peanut oil' that comes out in all the stores around Thanksgiving for frying turkeys IS PROBABLY NOT the 'highly refined peanut oil' (like what ChickaFilet uses). If the peanut oil is not highly refined, then it contains a lot of peanut protein.

The highly refined peanut oil usually is found in specialty food stores and comes in a small bottle (like olive oil) and is muy expensive!

So --- most likely --- the bulk gallons of peanut oil bought at Walmart for a fryer ARE NOT the highly refined kind.


30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

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