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Freschetta, Tony\'s, and Red Baron Pizzas

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By docd3122 on Mon, 01-14-02, 19:57

I spoke recently to the manufacturer of Freschetta, Tony's and Red Baron frozen pizzas. Unfortunately, all of the Freschetta pizza are made in a peanut factory in KY. Only the Tony's Super Rise and Red Baron 12", 5", and Breakfast pizzas are safe. The packages of the Freschetta pizza have no warnings. Natural flavors were listed. This company's complete disregard for the well-being of any PA person is disgusting.

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By SF on Mon, 01-14-02, 20:47

Thank you for posting this info! What is the name of the company and what is their contact info, I am interested in calling or emailing them ASAP, thanks again!

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By marina_twinmom on Tue, 01-15-02, 00:28

We were told by the company that none of the Red Baron frozen pizzas are safe because they could be cross-contaminated.

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By Noslo on Tue, 01-15-02, 04:28

WOW...we have been eating the four cheese Freshetta for over a year now...no problems..now I must rethink the only pizza we have in the house. Back to the drawing board. Thanks for the info.

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By Julied on Wed, 01-16-02, 20:24

When I called Tony's Pizza a few months ago they assured me that all of the Tony's pizzas were made in a peanut/nut free plant. My pa daughter eats them all the time. I'll have to call again.

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By cathlina on Fri, 02-01-02, 01:21

Freschetta pizzas are made by Schwann's.

Schwann's sells frozen food door-to-door if you are not familiar with them. They have a Schwann's labeled pizza that is exactly like the Freschetta pizzas. I asked my salesman one day if the Freschetta pizzas were made by Schwann's. He didn't want to tell me but told me they were.

Schwann's has a website on the Internet.

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By SF on Tue, 02-05-02, 14:26

I would greatly appreciate someone posting the contact info for the pizza products listed above. Many of you mention calling them but have not listed their phone number. I am also in search of safe pizzas and would like to call these companies to double check. Thank you! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By SF on Thu, 05-16-02, 18:37

simply reraising!

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By kcmom on Fri, 05-17-02, 01:33

When I called Red Barons a couple of months ago I was told the following.
On the boxes there is a small white box with some numbers in it. If the number begins with a 35-it contains peanut oil. If the number begins with a 31- it is peanut free and made in a different plant. The girl I spoke with gave me this info pretty quickly without having to 'research' it.
Like I said this was probably about 6 months ago so you may want to call and see if you get the same info before purchasing this product. I'm sorry I don't have a number for them on hand.

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By calikat62203 on Tue, 11-13-12, 18:15

PA daughter had severe reaction to red baron pan pizza, in the box the number started with 31, so it was supposed to be peanut free but it wasn't. Had to use epi-pen for the first time. please help me get the word out that they are not safe.

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By Lam on Thu, 10-31-02, 18:44

Adding to the confusion...

I called Red Baron today. I was told their products are peanut/tree nut free.


I'm going to go check those numbers kcmom posted.

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By robinlp on Fri, 11-01-02, 16:00

I see on the above post that Schwann's sells Freschetta...FYI:

TGIFriday's Pizza comes from Schwann's

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By SF on Fri, 11-15-02, 02:08

Just thought I would report that my PA/TNA son ate Red Baron Pizzas 2 days in a row successfully and loved it!! He had the large size thin pizza and also the mini deep dish ones! So happy to find foods that are safe and my children will eat.

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By Lam on Sat, 11-16-02, 02:06

I called Red Baron again today and was reassured that their facilities are peanut/tree nut free. I explained the posts on this site and she asked me to please come here and update the information. She said there used to be a Freshetta pizza that had nuts in it, but they don't make it anymore. I asked about labelling - she said that if they would ever use peanut oil, or any nut products, it would be on the label.

I think I'm convinced now.

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By calikat62203 on Tue, 11-13-12, 18:12

My PA 2 year old had a sever reaction to red barron pan pizza with pepperoni on 11/11/12, I do not trust them. we had to administer epi-pen and call 911 all from pizza that was supposedly safe.

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By SF on Sat, 11-16-02, 02:31

Thanks LAM for confirming this is safe!

ENJOY! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By AJSMAMA on Wed, 11-20-02, 14:11

My son eats the Tony's brand all the time and has never had any reactions.


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By Andrewsmommy on Wed, 11-20-02, 15:42

Just as a reminder, Schwan's had a major recall of their cheese stuffed pretzels a few years ago, after they had been mixed up with some of the PB&J stuffed ones. I know that they are aware of the ramifactions of allergies. Try calling them direct, they can give some great help. They also make Tonys, and Red Baron, along with the Freshetta products.

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By cathlina on Thu, 11-21-02, 00:44

I met a former district manager for Schwann's today and he told me that most of their pizzas are made in a Salina, KS.

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By Susanhopes on Tue, 08-17-04, 22:28

Bringing this discussion to light again, my 2yr old DD (PNA/TNA/Shrimp) had a few hives in reaction to the Freschetta pizza we ate on Saturday. She responded to Benadryl but you know the worry. I'm going to write the company and tell them they had better get on the ball about their labeling b/c it's going to be law soon and it's SO irresponsible for a big corporation not to label accurately right now. Arg! And they do have an allergy label with dairy, wheat and soy... just not may contains. Grrr, too.


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By new2PA on Wed, 01-04-06, 20:25

Per "Jamie" @ Freschetta, 1/4/06, "all Freschetta products are made in a peanut free facility".

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By tidina on Tue, 02-28-06, 18:41

got nut free response today 2/28/06. they discontinued the thai nut pizza. (freschetta)

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By calikat62203 on Tue, 11-13-12, 18:09

My 2 year old daughter has severe peanut allergy and had a severe reaction to the red baron pan pizza with pepperoni. Nothing on the label but milk, wheat ,soy, needless to say we finally had to use an epi-pen and red baron received a very nasty e-mail explaining why there incompetence in labeling their product almost killed my 2 year old.
Just a heads up red baron is not safe for PA. I feel like suing them to pay for ambulance ride and hospital visit bill.

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