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French Fries

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By Rosie's Mom on Fri, 03-14-03, 18:52

I recently contacted Alexia Foods about their french fries . They make Alexia Gourmet Frozen Potato Products. Here is what I wrote: "I am the parent of a PEANUT ALLERGIC child and have been looking for a peanut safe french fry. I would like to know if your fries contain any peanut ingredients or have the possibility of any cross contamination with peanut derived ingredients."

Here is the response:
"Please accept my apologies for not replying to your e-mail sooner. The response to our products has been very favorable and I have received many e-mails from consumers. While the response has been great, the abundance of e-mails has made it difficult to reply in a quick manner. Please note we are doing everything possible to remedy this.

In response to your question, please note that none of our products contain peanuts, however, our Oven Reds - Olive Oil, Sun-Dried Tomato & Pesto does contain pine nuts as one of its ingredients.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us. If you would like to receive some coupons for 50 cents off your next purchase of any Alexia Gourmet Frozen Potato Product, please e-mail me your street address. Should you have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Rosa M. Jacquez
Sales Administration Manager
[email][email protected][/email] "

We haven't tried them yet but will do so soon. The Yukon Gold Fries sound promising. Here are the ingredients:Buttery Yukon Gold Potatoes combined with a hint of pure sea salt, accentuate the genuine and delicious Yukon Gold potato flavor. A wonderful alternative to the everyday Fry.

Available in retail and food service sizes.
INGREDIENTS: Yukon Gold Potatoes, Hi-Oleic Canola Oil, Sea Salt.

No Hydrogenated Oils

Also their Oven Fries sound good too!
Here's the ingredients as copied from their web site..The finest Pacific Northwest Russet Potatoes prepared in 100% Pure Olive Oil with a touch of Sea Salt to accent this classic flavor combination.

Available in retail and food service sizes.
INGREDIENTS: Russet Potatoes, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Dextrose.

No Hydrogenated Oils

**Everyone please take note that one of their products called Oven Reds does contain PINE NUTS. I point this out in case you missed it in the body of Rosa's reply to me.

Please check out their web site. alexiafoods.com

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By Sandra Y on Fri, 03-14-03, 19:35

French Fries! Mon dieu! Don't you mean Freedom Fries? Just kidding, couldn't resist. Those french fries sound really yummy--I haven't seen them but just reading about them made me hungry. Thanks for the info--I'll look for them.

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By ryan's mom on Fri, 03-14-03, 23:29

Rosie's Mom,

If you're in the US, do a search on McCain's fries to reraise an old thread. We switched from Ore Ida to McCain's, another safe fry, but you'd have to read the thread to get specifics.

This is just to add another safe choice as to fry brands.

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By Player11753 on Thu, 09-04-14, 15:07

Alexia Foods / Con Agra Doesn't Label for Facility

I received this info in an email today:

"We segregate allergen and non-allergen ingredients in our facilities. A “Contains” statement will always be listed below the ingredient list if the product contains any of the top allergens. A “May Contains” statement will be rarely used due to our strong manufacturing processes. We complete thorough cleaning when changing from allergen-containing to non-allergen-containing products. After cleaning, we conduct inspections to verify that it has been effective."

So, they've decided for us that their cleaning methods should satisfy us & we shouldn't be able to make our own decisions? THIS IS WHY WE NEED MANDATORY LABELING!

If anyone knows of any petitions for mandatory labeling going around, please let me know. I may put together my own as well.

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