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By on Wed, 09-20-06, 03:49

mom2lily&thomas, since I sent one e-mail to-day (to Gillette), I'll probably get around to sending the e-mail to Allerex, well, I'm not sure when, but at least we know we can. I mean, it's SO rare for me to contact anyone anymore and to do it twice in a day, well..... [img][/img]

As far as the OLD Canadian part - you know what? There are quite a few Canadians on the board and I could probably tell you the ages of a few of them, but I do think I might be the oldest or there are a couple of us that are the same age. 47. No big. [img][/img]

That was cute though and I was ROFLMBO! [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I would walk up to heaven and bring you back home with me.

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By mom2lily&thomas on Mon, 09-25-06, 13:46

Well my both my emails got bounced back. I'll have to call again and get the correct spelling of the email address. I'll let you know!

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By saknjmom on Mon, 09-25-06, 14:20

I have at least one trainer, maybe two that I could part with. Anyone who wants me to send them, email me. First come, first served!

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By mom2lily&thomas on Thu, 03-29-07, 19:28

There is finally a Canadian Epipen site where you can get free trainers:



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By Kimberly-hope on Thu, 07-22-10, 19:34

If you still have any EpiPen Trainers, I am interested in recieving them (it).

Kim C

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By wontdenydarren on Tue, 11-08-11, 11:02


Let me know if you still need some Epipen trainers. I might be able to help out, I am an educator in VIC and have alot on hand.

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By saknjmom on Fri, 03-30-07, 00:23

I sent two trainers to canadian members this summer. I still have one extra if anyone needs one...

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By StinaC raig on Thu, 07-16-09, 01:11

I'm in Canada and I went to and they will send you one training kit which includes an epipen trainer, some paper work and a DVD for free. They limit you to one per year and you have to register. I also got one from our allergist.



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By Kimberly-hope on Tue, 07-20-10, 16:51

I am an Health and Safety Instructor that will be teaching members of my community how to use EpiPens. I read earlier that you get a free Epipen trainer when you buy the Epipen with medication, So I was wondering if there is anyone how would like to donate any EpiPen Trainers to me to help me teach this skill? I do not know of any one needs the medication.

If you have a epipen triner and would like to give it to me to help me train others individuals, It would be greatly appreciated.



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By PANewbie on Fri, 07-16-10, 20:47

I've gotten a free trainer every time I get the epi-pen jr twin pack.

It's usually included if you are prescribed the twin pack.

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By Kimberly-hope on Tue, 07-20-10, 16:54

Would you be willing to give (donate) them to me to help teach the individuals that take my First Aid classes?


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By wontdenydarren on Tue, 11-08-11, 11:00

Hi there,

Do you still need some Trainers ?
I am a educator in VIC and might be able to help out.

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By unc08clay on Tue, 08-03-10, 04:13

I also had good luck with Dey! They can send helpful information and sometimes you can get a great deal on a trainer. If you go to, you'll find a lot of valuable information and the availability to send away for a trainer. Like Susie said, sometimes you can even get lucky and get a free one.

For those who were asking questions about how to use the EpiPen and need a guide, check out the videos they have on their site:

Hope that's helpful!

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By wontdenydarren on Tue, 11-08-11, 10:58

Just get them from ebay for like $7
dont bother wasting your time going to a pharmacy for one and paying $15

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By AHeroForLife on Sun, 04-01-12, 07:28

Looking at the chronology of this Thread, I realize that perhaps I am resurrecting the Dead. That being said, I have recently accepted a position as an educator for local schools, Scout Groups, and youth sports programs regarding Emergency Aid, CPR, AED use, Life-Saving skills in instances such as allergic reactions in children.

It would be tremendously helpful if I could "hit the ground running" and have the tools needed [Epi-Trainers], rather than relying on organizational politics to 'provide' the necessary tools.

If anyone could provide a [current] source where I might acquire up to three pens for the least amount of 'cash', I would be Very Appreciative.

Thanks for reading, it's my first post on this site ...

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