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Free EpiPen Trainers?

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By susiemark4 on Mon, 06-07-99, 19:32

A while ago I registered as a new member and SOMEWHERE there was an entry refering to a manufacturer who would give free trainer pens. Actually someone else was saying they saw this entry and couldn't remember where. I have a 4 year old who is P.A. and need to get educated as well as trained so our family can deal with this life treathing allergy. He has already been rejected from attending a preschool type program called Moms day out. I need info to educte the nursery staff at the YMCA and these trainer pens. Please help me.
Thanks so much
Also a tip... Jeremy had ear tube surgery 3 weeks ago and the wrist band with his name and doctor info is still on (cute dogs on it) and the info written in ink is still very easy to read. (after many bathes, etc) For those who have kids allergic to nickel or just want a disposable and firmly attached medical alert braclet it is ideal. I plan on going to the day surgery office and begging for some. Go try it!
Thanks for your help in advance.

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By Dawn on Mon, 06-07-99, 22:52

Dey Labs gives out free trainers-at least they did to me. I recently told someone else about it and they weren't very nice and begrudgingly agreed to send her one Try it, though-maybe you'll get a nice operator like I did. Their # is 1-800-755-5560

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By armiger on Tue, 06-08-99, 00:40


We got our epi-trainer from FAN for only 2.00. I thought that was incredibly reasonable..especiall for a training tool that could be used countless times and could save my childs life. FYI..FAN is the Food Allergy Network, if you haven't found it yet..its great! Tammy

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By Sue on Wed, 12-01-99, 06:15

Here is a reminder about Dey Labs and free Epi-Pen trainers. I called and they sent me three trainers and some written info. I gave them to the school nurse for the training sessions. Their # is 1-800-755-5560

Sue in Sunny Arizona

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By rscollo2 on Thu, 12-02-99, 00:30

I dont mean to sound naive, but what exactly is an epi pen trainer???

I have the epi pens, is the trainer any different?

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By rilira on Thu, 12-02-99, 03:47

The trainer is just like a regular epi-pen but without the needle or medicine inside. It is used to teach people how to give an epi-pen injection.It is a great learning tool and gives people hands on experience without the stress of a reaction happening.

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By Dyane on Thu, 07-16-09, 03:54

Ahhh, ok. We had an Epipenjr last summer and this new one has a "trainer". We just got it yesterday so we have yet to train with it.

It is a great idea. We are comfortable giving injections because we do it twice a day for two other loved ones but it is nice to know that they provide these for people to become comfortable enough to do it properly. We are thinking of having the grandparents train with it.

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By rscollo2 on Mon, 12-06-99, 01:30


I just wanted to update once again, I called 1-800-755-5560 Friday and they are sending me 2 trainers and written info also for free.They were very nice on the phone!!!

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By Mich on Wed, 12-08-99, 20:41

I live in Canada and was wondering where I could get an epipen trainer. Any ideas?

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By heatherblackcat on Wed, 06-17-09, 22:35

anaphylaxis.org for $5.00

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By Mich on Wed, 12-08-99, 20:41

I live in Canada and was wondering where I could get an epipen trainer. Any ideas?

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By Sue on Wed, 04-04-01, 20:05

EpiPen topic - just brining it back up

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By Cindia on Mon, 08-13-01, 03:43

I called the number for Dey and they were very testy, wanted to know how I had gotten the number. I sort of "bullied" her into sending me one. The whole call left me with a headache. She said she did not want to send out any more free ones since they now come with the double-pack epipens.

Just wanted to let y'all know that maybe this source has dried up and that purchasing through FAAN for $2.00 may be the only way to get them in the future. (besides getting a prescription for the 2-pack epi pens)

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By PAGirl on Mon, 08-13-01, 23:06

Recently, we ordered 2 epis from the grocery store pharmacy. When we got it, we noticed that it came in a "2 Pak" that also had a free epi-trainer inside! So, in one little box, you get 2 epis plus the trainer! Just wanted to pass that along.

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By BCUZILUVHIM on Sat, 08-18-01, 02:14

Cindia, I hope to goodness I wasn't the cause of the testiness you got on the phone. I was on a tv show on July 10th with my son and I gave the producer the number for Dey and to tell the viewers about the free epi-trainers. The show aired in 4 states. A few days after the show, the producer called me and told me that Dey might be contacting me because they rec'vd over 70 calls in a short period because of the show. They now want to charge a nominal fee for the trainers and that they preferred that we get them through our doctors.

When I spoke to the rep when I requested my free epi-trainer back in June, I told her about the show I was going to be on and she thought it was great and never made any mention about a fee for them. She actually sent me 4 trainers for free! I asked for 1! Anyway, my DS demonstrated the epi-trainer on the show and the host also showed it and gave the number for Dey.

So in conclusion, I unfortunately think I made a boo-boo but as I said in another post, it is unfortunate that Dey feels the need to charge for this when they were always free. They sure charge enough for the actual epi-pen! Actually, I would pay any price for the epi-pen, I'm not cheap my sons life is priceless. I'm irritated at Dey because it is the principle. Now they want to charge because they got a few more requests than they're use to.

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By MattsMom on Sat, 08-18-01, 15:28

When my husband called Dey a couple of months ago, the representative was very friendly and helpful. He explained that he wanted to get trainers for all the school districts in our county and they told him they thought it was a wonderful idea and there would be some things sent out. About a week later we got a big package of *10* trainers and a bunch of pamphlets on the Epipen and it's usage.

He called them again a couple of weeks ago to request some of their other literature and received the same treatment. I wonder if maybe Cindia didn't just get a rep who was having a bad day? Of course, my hubby wasn't asking for the trainers this last time either, so maybe that's it...

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By Sue on Tue, 01-21-03, 00:38


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By synthia on Tue, 01-21-03, 01:31

I called Dey and they gave me a new # to call
emergency medical products-1800-558-6270
its 4.95 + shipping and handling of 7.95 product # 650051. I gave this info to the school
Love this site
edited to add Thank you NC mom
I called the phone # 1-800-869-9005 ext 2820
and got a realy nice rep and they are sending
4 trainers and video plus flyers for the school.

Thank you NCMom.

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By AJSMAMA on Tue, 01-21-03, 12:56

I have an extra trainer if someone wants me to send it to them. Let me know by e-mail.


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By Donni on Tue, 01-21-03, 13:39

Since my son now has to carry the regular EpiPen, we get them in a 2-pak which comes with a trainer in each pak. Thus, I have at least 2 extra trainers now. If anyone would like one, send me a message via my e-mail.

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By AJSMAMA on Tue, 01-21-03, 19:43

I have been contacted by another member so it looks like my extra one is hers now.


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By Renee111064 on Wed, 01-22-03, 04:09

Dey Labs will send you several epi-trainers and pamphlets to go with them. Do a search and find the number. I know I posted it here before.

When I called them I requested 5 of them. 3 for school 1 for daycare and 1 for home personal training,.

best wishes,

Renee [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]

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By Donni on Wed, 02-05-03, 13:32

My epi-pen trainers have been requested.

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By Heather2 on Wed, 02-05-03, 14:28

I just got two 2-packs (2 Epi's plus a free trainer in each package) from the pharmacy.

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By NCMom on Wed, 05-28-03, 18:18

I sent an e-mail to FAAN about epi-trainers and they gave me DEY's # 1-800-869-9005 ext. 2820. They are sending me a trainer free with some information. The rep. was very nice and there was no issue of cost. She said it would take 5-7 days to arrive.

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By NCMom on Thu, 06-05-03, 17:43

I received not one but two epi-trainers and a video and some information from DEY. I also had my son's epi-pen jr prescription filled and the two pack does contain a trainer. But if someone doesn't need a new prescription, they can still get a trainer from DEY.

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By NCMom on Thu, 06-05-03, 17:49

sorry,one more thing! They also sent me a free copy of the "No Nuts for Me" book and my son loves it. The woman on the phone when I requested the trainer asked what my son was allergic to. I thought it was very nice to enclose a free book.

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By river on Thu, 06-05-03, 19:01

Canadian site where you can buy epi-pen trainers:


(Just a warning that I would not fill out their order form as it is not a secure connection. It's likely best to order over the phone.)

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By Codyman on Thu, 06-05-03, 21:09

river: Instead of Canadians buying epi-pen trainers, they could also phone Dey and request a free one!!

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By MeganC on Fri, 06-06-03, 16:48

I'm also in Canada. I just call the people at Dey and their sending me the Trainer and the Video!

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By Driving Me Nutty on Sat, 06-07-03, 03:02

On Tuesday, I called Dey (800-869-9005x2820) and left a message on her voice mail (after several attempts). And to my surprise we received a package TODAY from Dey. It included 2 trainers, a video, and a 'No Nuts for Me' book. Kudos to that company for being so helpful, generous and quick to respond.

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By Driving Me Nutty on Sat, 06-07-03, 05:04

And I just noticed that they also sent a EpiPen carrying case. Quite an impressive package for no charge!

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By Syd's Mom on Sat, 06-07-03, 05:21

When I called Dey two years ago (from Canada) Dey told me flat out that they won't ship to Canada and gave me Allergy Essentials number and address to order thru. When I called Allergy Essentials I found out they charged for the trainers, so I just had my states-side SIL send me ones she got for free from Dey.

When I read Codyman said to try Dey again, I did. Today I called Dey, they said "send to Canada?, no problem, how many do you want and do you want some video's too?" No charge - no shipping!

This was a big change from two years ago - guess Dey changed their policy to include sending the free trainers and stuff to Canada - we don't have to buy from Allergy Essentials any more.

Thanks for whoever re-raised this "older" thread - it certainly was worth it for this Canadian. Warm regards, [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By tgab on Sat, 06-07-03, 18:26

We just got some new epi's. We got the two packs, and each two pack comes with a trainer. I'm not sure if the single packs now come with a trainer or not.

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By juliekins on Sun, 06-08-03, 02:58

I was surprised and pleased to get a trainer with our renewed prescription of our epipens. The allergist we had before only sent one epipen, this time we got 3 (so everywhere she goes, a needle will be) and a trainer pen which I carry in my purse and train anyone who comes in contact with her. We are still pretty bad about actually *leaving* the real needle with people, after a too close call last week, we have been on the ball.

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By ElleMo on Thu, 06-19-03, 20:24

Hi -- I am new to all this
The free epi-pen & video you are discussing -- is it the same thing I would get from

I've already ordered that. I also got the pack people mentioned -- 2 epi-pens and a trainer. But I am new to all this (never thought I needed it for me, probably did. definately need it for my daughter)& the more info I can get & give out to relatives, etc., the better.

Allergic to Shellfish/ Mom to Jesse 9/01 who has PA

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By river on Fri, 06-20-03, 21:08

I received free epi-trainers, information pamphlets and instructional videos from Dey Laboratories, which I intend to give to my son's school.

I was thrilled at Dey's generosity and assistance and the fact that they mailed this material all the way to Canada.

It is just such a great help!

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By Codyman on Fri, 06-20-03, 21:16

ElleMo: I looked at the web site and it is from Dey, so you will probably receive the same information.

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By synthia on Fri, 06-20-03, 22:54

Thank you Dey!!

I received 4 trainers,1 instructional
video and pamphlets.

Love this site

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By ElleMo on Tue, 06-24-03, 01:49

[b]Thanks![/b] I got my packet today. I received the vidoe, pamphlets, trainer pens AND a children's book about allergies

Quote:Originally posted by Codyman:
[b]ElleMo: I looked at the web site and it is from Dey, so you will probably receive the same information.[/b]

Allergic to Shellfish/ Mom to Jesse 9/01 who has PA

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By mae on Mon, 07-14-03, 15:20

river/ElleMo - just wondering how long it took for the trainers to arrive? I requested one online about 3 weeks ago and haven't received anything- though they did email me back saying that they were sending out an information package. Thanks-
mae [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By ElleMo on Tue, 07-15-03, 19:35

I eventually received 2 packets -- one with the video arrived in about 2 weeks & one with just literature a few weeks later. My hubby had called around the same time that I emailed so I am not sure which package was sent because the result of the email & which was the result of the call.

I've been seeing a lot of Epi-pen commercials, so I wouldn't be surprised if they are swamped with requests!

Quote:Originally posted by mae:
[b]river/ElleMo - just wondering how long it took for the trainers to arrive? I requested one online about 3 weeks ago and haven't received anything- though they did email me back saying that they were sending out an information package. Thanks-
mae [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img][/b]

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By Codyman on Thu, 09-11-03, 14:59

I gave my package to my daughter's elementary school and the principal showed the video to the staff before school started. The staff took all the brochures so I have just phoned for more to be sent to me. The staff at the Daycare my children attend need to be retrained as well. The video is great and it is nice to have a supply of trainers on hand.

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By ~logansmom~ on Thu, 09-11-03, 22:31

Wow....I just called Dey, thinking they'll never send stuff all the way to Newfoundland but I'll try anyhow... The woman I spoke with was so nice, she's sending trainers, video, book and pamphlets...all free of charge....what an amazing company...I'm really impressed. I love this site, I learn something new everyday...thanks everyone.


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By smack on Fri, 09-12-03, 14:04

Hey guys,

My son's new teacher needs some info. so I called Dey this morning 8:30a.m. and left a message with my number.
At 10:00 I called again and message came on again. I left all my info. addy etc etc so should I assume they will mail the trainers and video or should I follow up again?


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By Codyman on Fri, 09-12-03, 19:22

Everything should be okay if you left a message. When I phoned I received the answering machine but phone again later to talk to a 'real' person.
I received everything with 10 days.

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By theresaa on Tue, 09-16-03, 13:53

i sent an email and received a Epipen Trainer and pamphlet info within a few days. Did not receive a video. theresa

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By e-mom on Wed, 09-17-03, 19:12

WOW, I just spoke with a representative at Dey. Her name is Savone (not sure if I'm spelling that correctly). Phone # 1-800-869-9005 ext 2820

Anyway, I told her that I heard I could get Epi-pen trainers here. She wanted to know how many I needed. I told her only 2. She then asked me if it was because of peanuts. I said yes. She then asked me who it was for. I stated that it was for my ds who will be 5 this November. She then told me that she will be putting a book for him, pamphlets for the school and a video to help show the teachers and staff!!!

Each time I thanked her and told her how much it will all help, she kept adding more things of what she was sending me.

It's so nice to finally have someone help me out. What an incredibly nice person she is!

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By Jodi on Thu, 09-18-03, 14:21

I just called Dey yesterday too and spoke to Savone. She never asked me who it was for, etc... just asked how many trainers I wanted and took my address. Will wait and see what I get. I hope I get the video...

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By theresaa on Thu, 09-18-03, 14:25

i called yesterday and talked to someone who asked me who is was for and she said she would send a video, trainers and book also. a very nice person. Theresa

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By ryan'smom on Thu, 09-18-03, 18:36

I also talked to Savonne (SP) today. Very nice lady!! What a wonderful thing to do for us, especially sending it out for free. I am getting 4 trainers, pamphlets and the video, I hope I get the book too. Anything will help.


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