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Found Nuts in Shoprite Cake, what should I do???

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By afordz on Wed, 02-04-04, 16:28

Hi all!! I needed a little advice. I daringly purchased a Store made cake at shoprite yesterday for my husband's birthday. Before I bought the cake I spoke with a person in the bakery department. I explained that my two children both have a deadly peanut/ nut allergy. We went over the ingredient list together, She assured me it was nut free. She even went on to say, that they don't use any nut products in thier cakes because so many people have allergies now. I handed out the cake, My one daughter started eating hers, I was eating mine. I found a few walnuts in mine. I started emmediately grabbed thier cakes and called the store after making sure my one daughter was OK. My one daughter is allergic to more than peanuts but not all nuts. My other daughter hasn't yet been tested for other nuts. I spoke with the store manager and he was very nice and apologetic, he told me he would talk to the bakery departmentt and the owners about possible putting warning labels on the cakes. Is there anything else I need to do?????? (Besides thank God that my kiids are OK) Thanks for reading!!!

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By on Wed, 02-04-04, 16:49

Is the manager going to speak with the person who assured you that there were no peanuts/nuts in the cake? Is it possible to write a letter to their head office advising them of what happened?

What would make the person who sold you the cake so sure that there were no peanuts/nuts in the product? Was she told that by management or is it something that simply popped into her head? How old was the person?

I would want to make sure that this did not happen again. The employee was wrong, but she had to be wrong for some reason, unless she simply made peanut/nut free up in her head.

I would take it higher than the manager.

I buy store cakes. I've posted about it here.

However, when we purchased a cake from Tim Horton's a couple of years ago, since Tim Horton's cannot 100% guarantee the safety of their cakes for PA/TNA people, we had to sign a liability waiver. So, if something had happened to my son, it would have been my fault and I assumed responsibility for it.

But you asked all the *right* questions and were given an answer that I honestly don't think someone makes up on the spot (although I guess anything is possible). So where did her answer come from?

No, I'd really want someone to be aware of the seriousness of this person's error. Yes, your children are/were okay, but still.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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By MommaBear on Wed, 02-04-04, 17:11

Quote:Originally posted by Alternative to Mainstream:
[b]However, when we purchased a cake from Tim Horton's a couple of years ago, since Tim Horton's cannot 100% guarantee the safety of their cakes for PA/TNA people, we had to sign a liability waiver.


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By afordz on Wed, 02-04-04, 17:47

The woman I spoke with was I guess, late 50's. When I brought the topic up to her, she had an emmediate response, as if she had been asked this question before. In fact, her attidude was more like, of cousre we dont't put nuts in our cakes, I still asked for an ingredients list anyway before purchasing, but she wound up reading it to me. She then went on to say that "today there are so many people allergic to peanuts or nuts" that's why they don't use anything like that in thier cakes.
I really believed her. Like I said, they put no warnings on thier cakes at all. I am mad at myself for even taking a chance. Thanks for your reply, I have to go there today to get my money back and I will also speak to the manager again. Thanks!

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By afordz on Wed, 02-04-04, 18:08

I just thought of something else, should I contact anyone, so other people know???? They do not post any warning on thier labels. I receive automatic updates from Safteyalerts.com and food allergy network, is this something that should be listed there. I checked thier sites and couldn't find a place to let them know. Thanks again!

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By Going Nuts on Thu, 02-05-04, 00:24

Call your local branch of the Food & Drug Administration. They looked into a problem I had with Haagen Dazs ice cream. If you still have any of the cake, don't throw it out; they may want a sample.

Check out this link:


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By SF on Thu, 02-05-04, 04:14

Yes, the only other thing you should do is NOT buy any baked goods from any bakery!!

There is a huge chance for cross contamination and it is just out of the question for our comfort zone.

We do not even use Shoprite private label crackers or cookies as they come fron numerous suppliers that can change without notice.

Next time bake your own cake, this is the only way to be 100% safe... [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By barbfeick on Sun, 04-19-09, 18:20

Your child has a deadly allergy... you now make everything from scratch from as pure ingredients as you can find. If you do not, you may lose your child. Do not get any food from a restaurant or food that others have prepared unless you personally oversaw the food preparation. Your child's life depends upon this.

Was your child vaccinated? I believe that the deadly food allergies are caused by the trade secret ingredients in vaccines. There is food protein left from the culture medium and a variety of food oils are used in the vaccine adjuvant. The trace of protein along with the aluminum in the adjuvant is what causes the body to have a big immune response to the vaccine.

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