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By Ra3chel on Thu, 10-09-08, 04:08

I'm considering starting a livejournal community (possibly to expand into a website) specifically for adults with severe nut (and maybe general food, depending on feedback) allergies. I've been frustrated with the lack of adult-specific resources and support; I can find a million and six places with advice on how to talk to my (nonexistent) kid's teacher about epi-pens, but almost nothing on workplace accommodations, navigating bars, and the like. While I know parents of PA kids deal with a lot of similar issues, being a severely PA adult is very, very different on a practical level--and the social isolation that comes with food allergies is only amplified when you're being compared to someone's six-year-old.

So, would anyone else be interested in a group like that--Something focused on support and useful tools for navigating the world as an adult with life-threatening peanut/food allergies?


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By dkclark on Tue, 10-21-08, 00:54

it's like your reading my mind. i would love to be able to go somewhere and talk about how a peanut free work is nearly impossible and how i'm afraid to go out to new places b/c i don't know what will be there so i end up sitting at home alone. i would love a group about adults with peanut allergies!

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By Ra3chel on Wed, 10-29-08, 18:12


Just getting up and running. =D


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By juniorgirlie on Mon, 01-26-09, 05:20

This is what I have been looking for!!! PA is a new arena for me, and most of what I have found relates to kids.

I am going to check you out.


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