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Foods fried in peanut oil

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By Sheila on Fri, 03-10-00, 15:28

I was reading about some tests that were done involving PA people eating foods fried in peanut oil and it said that most people didn't react. I also read somewhere recently that alot of people who are allergic to raw pecans can eat cooked pecans because the heating process breaks down the allergen. I wonder if this is true with peanuts too. My son (age 2 and extremely PA) ate a hushpuppy the other day and I panicked after finding out it had been cooked in peanut oil. I went ahead and gave him Benadryl just in case but he never showed any signs of a reaction. Have any of you or your children had reaction to something fried in peanut oil?

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By Kathryn on Fri, 03-10-00, 15:37

Hi, there was a study done by British researchers and published in the British Medical Journal that demonstrated that pure peanut oil did not cause reactions but crude oil or contaminated previously pure oil could.

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By Christine on Fri, 03-10-00, 15:40

The deal with peanut oil is that there are two types--cold pressed and hot pressed. Supposedly, the hot pressed peanut oil is "safe". When PA individuals were given hot pressed peanut oil there seemed to be no reactions. Not true with the cold pressed which does not get rid of the protein. The problem is that most restaurants do not know if they are using cold pressed or hot pressed. I believe that all peanut oil manufactured in the U.S. is hot pressed but so many oils are imported that you can never be sure what a manufacturer/restaurant is using. I have also heard that normal cooking does not get rid of the peanut proteins. It is a very stable protein and does not break down easily.

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By AnMaMc on Fri, 03-10-00, 16:27

I have heard through the years the debate over imported (unsafe) versus domestic (safe) peanut oil. In my opinion it is too risky to take the chance so we just avoid restaurants that cook with peanut oil all together. It sounds like the hush puppy was fried in a safe, domestic oil since your child had no reaction. Peanut oil is also an ingredient in many foods (Pringles Pizza Flavor) that I avoid giving to my son.

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By carrie on Fri, 03-10-00, 17:48

When my son was 2 years old, he had a few potatoe chips. Shortly after, he developed hives around his mouth and on his face. He was not diagnosed with the allergy at that time. I checked the bag and peanut oil as the last ingredient was listed. I do not trust peanut oil and would never knowingly expose my child to it.

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By Kathryn on Sat, 03-11-00, 15:27

Here is a link to the British Medical Journal article that I mentioned in my post above: [url="http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/314/7087/1084"]http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/314/7087/1084[/url]

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