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Food store \"May Contain Nuts\" signs

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By helenmc on Mon, 07-14-03, 14:22

We visited a cheese factory yesterday (Bega Cheese in Bega [url="http://www.begacheese.com.au)"]http://www.begacheese.com.au)[/url] .

The visitor centre store had lots of goodies to try and buy, including a range of fudges. They had a hand written sign stuck on the display cabinet "all fudges may contain traces of nuts'

Hel and I both thought (1) good on them for going to the touble of putting a sign up and (2) why not make safe fudge?

They didn't have to put the sign up, unlike for prepackaged food labelling. So obviously there was some PA awareness in there somewhere.

Anyway, in the end we didn't know whether to be more pleased or disappointed - what do you all think?

Geoff (Helen's hubby)

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By MeCash on Mon, 07-14-03, 14:28


Personally, I'd be REALLY pleased to see that. It shows awareness on the part of some employee watching out for PA/TNA people.

Since I would never buy either of my PA kids any baked goods (fudge included) without seeing an ingredient list and most places like that wouldn't HAVE an ingredient list available, I probably wouldn't have even LOOKED at the fudge. If I had, I would have said something VERY loudly in a congratulatory tone to the first store employee I saw thanking them for being PA aware and putting up a sign!

But, that's just me!


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By SpudBerry on Mon, 07-14-03, 14:33

I guess (if I'd have thought of it at the time) I'd have thanked them for the sign and let them know that it just might have saved another life. Then let them know that it's too bad that they all might be contaminated, because you were a customer unable to spend any money there [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]

Mom to 3 year old twins Ben & Mike - one PA & the other not.
Stay Informed And Peanut Free!

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By on Mon, 07-14-03, 15:10

Geoff, I like what Spudberry posted. I have yet to find a "safe" fudge anywhere that I have gone. Two school field trips this year with Jesse, one to Glanmore House in Belleville and one to Lang Pioneer Village outside of Peterborough, they were both selling fudge and of course, I checked the labels. No, not safe.

I know as a teen I would spend quite a bit of time trying to perfect the great fudge that my Mom made and I'm wondering if that's what I really should be doing as far as fudge goes so that Jesse can try some.

As far as the sign - I think it's great, especially if the shop is fairly small. I know most of the grocery store chains we have here have the "may contain" signs up in their store bakeries so I've always made a quick bypass of the bakery section of the grocery store.

In December month last year, I was looking for a "safe" birthday cake for Jesse and I did post about it here. I spoke with someone in the bakery and they actually didn't have peanuts in their bakery. What they did have were products coming in from out-of-town (Toronto) that had peanuts on them.

To me, it was almost a liability issue rather than a *real* issue and that kinda ticked me off. However, it also enabled me to make the decision, within my own comfort zone, to purchase a birthday cake from that particular bakery.

I even told the person in the bakery that they could be losing a lot of business because of this particular signage.

When I lived in Stayner, we had one grocery store and their bakery section was quite small compared to the ones I see in grocery stores here in Belleville, but they had a sign over everything that had their store baked goods in it. I remember they didn't initially have the signs when I moved there and I did wonder why they all of a sudden had them, but sure enough, they did.

I find it difficult because although I'm a SAHM that doesn't necessarily mean that I feel like baking everything from scratch. I was really pleased recently when Jesse got to try brownies for the first time (Pillsbury Canada, really well labeled). Other than that, I was looking for a brownie recipe.

Again, I liked Spudberry's post. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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By helenmc on Mon, 07-14-03, 15:17

We talked about saying something - "thanks for the may contain nuts sign, its good you are aware of nut allergies..." but they were busy, we weren't buying (we wouldn't have bought anyway, sign or no sign) and there were just 2 kids serving, so we ended up just leaving.

Thanks for the replies. I'll be more diligent in thanking people for this sort of thing next time [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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By on Mon, 07-14-03, 20:30

We were at Canada's Wonderland (an amusement park). They have a building that sells candy apples, with lots of different toppings, and fudge. They have a large sign that says [b]all[/b] products sold there may have been in contact with peanuts. Since I was buying a candy apple for my son (not pa) I did mention that I appreciated they had the sign. (I know they also had a sign at one of their restaurants last year, but since we always bring a picnic I didn't go in there. The sign was well before you would be lining up, which I thought was great, why waste time lining up if you're going to come across a contains peanuts sign, right?)

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