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Food Allergy Survivors Together

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By on Tue, 01-20-04, 04:14

This book was written for teens and adults with food allergies, by a young woman with food allergies.

It starts with her story, and some of the other chapters are: eating out, making food fun (how to create recipes based on your old favourites), reading and understanding labels, vacations, and many more, including one for family and friends.

Melissa Taylor (the author) is the first on-line friend I made. She's also the first adult allergy sufferer I *met* and her help to me has been immeasurable.

Since there are so many people on the board dealing with more than pa, I thought this book might be helpful to some, especially those dealing with multiple food allergies.

It can be purchased at most on-line book stores, but here's one direct connection.


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By Syd's Mom on Fri, 02-20-04, 14:39

AnnaMarie - would this be a good book for Kimberlykelley23 (over in the living with PA thread)? She wondering how to approach the PA during dates/kissing, etc. - since you've got this book, and it's geared somewhat to teens and older, would there be ideas in there on that topic?
Cheers, [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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