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Food Allergy Project

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By Jana R on Mon, 02-05-07, 20:02

[i][b]Childhood Food Allergies:
A Deadly Disease in Desperate Need of a Cure[/b]

Who cares if a 14-year old North Carolina girl falls unconscious at a local mall and dies before emergency personnel can reach her? Or if the life of a nine-year-old in Washington State ends suddenly on a school trip; or if a young girl in Nevada spends three years in a coma and ultimately succumbs to death?

We do.

We are determined to make sure that no other children have their lives tragically cut short because of allergic reactions to common foods. We want children to enjoy food, not fear it - but until there is a cure, more and more parents of food allergic children live in a constant state of fear for their children

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Peanut Free and Nut Free Directory

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