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Food Allergy Awareness Week 2005

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By Jana R on Tue, 03-01-05, 16:00

It's not too early to start making plans for FAAW - the eighth annual event will be May 8-14.
Here are some materials to use for education and other ideas for getting involved:

Here is a press release you might want to distribute to your local media:
- to get their attention, it's helpful to include your personal story if you are willing to talk to the media.



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By williamsmummy on Tue, 03-08-05, 20:35

jana, allergy Uk 's allergy week is the week after yours.
why dont they work together and try to make more of a globel impact?
ah well, good luck with your allergy week, I will post more details of UK's nearer the time.

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By Jana R on Fri, 03-18-05, 17:24

If you Google "food allergy awareness day" - there's a bunch of links that indicate May 11, 2003 was the first annual International or World awareness day - I have no idea what happened to that idea! I definitely think there'd be a greater impact on awareness if there was a global approach - maybe next year? Keep us posted on the UK awareness project - you're sure doing an amazing one-woman job for your part!!!



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By williamsmummy on Sat, 03-19-05, 23:41

jana , I wish !
i am organising an allergy open evening during that week, but its focus is food intolerances, as I seem to be meeting parents who have children with both types of allergies.
I did a anaphylaxis open evening in feb, which was well attended.
The campaign even made a profit, not the whole point of the evening, but its amazing how much you can do if you ask nicely and say its for 'charity' ! LOL

If anything else crops up I will offer to help.
I am volunteering again for the allergy show in london during june, as I did last year, ( lots of free samples for my ezcema was a bonus, and i got fed for the day on allergy free stuff !! LOL)

I am nearing the end of my training for the youth workshops, and looking forward to doing more of my own.
There is something so humbling about learning from the teenagers themselves, and beleive me, I am seeing what life is going to be like for our allergic children as they grow to adulthood in a different light.


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