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By tidina on Thu, 05-18-06, 23:45

does anyone drink this who has nut allergies. my son likes to dip cookies in my decaf coffee. i dont mind if its maxwell house because that is kraft? but i dont know about folgers? anyone?

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By on Fri, 05-19-06, 02:25

Tidina, I worked in product research for Folgers before becoming a SAHM. I would THINK that the ground coffee is safe because at that time it was all made in the New Orleans plant and nothing else to my knowledge is made there. However, I haven't paid extraordinarily close attention to the product lineup recently. As with many products, the main concern would be any flavorings used on the coffee, which are bought from flavorings companies. 5 years ago this was only for the Folgers Whole Bean and Millstone (which P&G also owns). But I would call them...P&G has great customer service and I think they've posted on this website before?


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By dgood on Fri, 05-19-06, 13:21

I did call Folgers and Maxwell House last year and they both assured me their Hazelnut was artificially flavored and contained no nut ingredients.

You may want to check again as they are always coming out with new flavors and processes.

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By theresaa on Fri, 05-19-06, 13:40

i also called about the folgers Hazelnut and was told it was safe, that it was just flavoring.

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By tidina on Mon, 05-22-06, 16:54

Hi Cristina,
I'm glad your son enjoys dipping his cookie in your Folgers and I can certainly understand your concerns. You'll be happy to know that there are no nut proteins in any Folgers coffee product, flavored of unflavored.
In addition, coffee is the only product we make at our plants in New Orleans and Kansas City, so there is no chance of cross-contamination.
You may find it helpful to know that, starting January 1, 2006, the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) now requires all food companies to label the eight major food allergens. They are specified as soy, wheat, egg, milk, peanut, tree nut, fish and Crustacean shellfish. The food industry must use plain language identifying allergens in all ingredients as well as processing aids and flavors that contain one of these eight allergens.
Thanks for stopping by.
Folgers Team

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By MommaBear on Sun, 06-18-06, 22:28

both my older cubs (ages 6 and 10) like to drink Folgers decaf with International Delight french vanilla creamer (reduced sugar variety). [i]with lots of creamer[/i]

My infant daughter is still on the booby.

But please, remember, we could just be lucky, my cubs pa might have been "outgrown", who knows.......I might be a type of crazy mom who shows up on cheesy talk shows. (Ye-HAW!) Specifically, a BAD MOMMY. So. I am not offering advice in any manner or form. Individual Mileage May Vary. I might even need an agent.

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By tidina on Mon, 06-19-06, 02:38

does anyone use the nestle coffee creamer in chai tea?? flavor?

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